Ariana Grande's Week-Long Celebration For 'Yours Truly' Turning 10

25 August 2023, 17:01

Ariana Grande teases 10-year anniversary performances of Yours Truly

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Here's how Ariana Grande is celebrating the 10th anniversary of 'Yours Truly' – from live performances to never-before-seen footage.

Ariana Grande has detailed six days' worth of plans to mark her debut album 'Yours Truly' turning 10 years old.

After teasing fans a few weeks ago with a snippet of a live performance in a low-lit room, Ariana has confirmed how she's celebrating the milestone anniversary of 'Yours Truly' – and it includes live performances, special edition vinyls and a two-part Q&A.

The 30-year-old has recorded live performances with a group of musicians of her songs 'Honeymoon Avenue', 'Daydreamin'', 'Baby I', 'Tattooed Heart', 'Right There' and 'The Way'.

Ari's debut album ‘Yours Truly’ was released on 30 August 2013, but what is she planning to mark its release date and how can fans watch? Here's what we know so far.

Ariana Grande is planning something special for the 10th anniversary of 'Yours Truly'
Ariana Grande is planning something special for the 10th anniversary of 'Yours Truly'. Picture: Getty
Ariana Grande teased an orchestral performance of 'Yours Truly'
Ariana Grande teased an orchestral performance of 'Yours Truly'. Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande's ‘Yours Truly’ 10th anniversary plans in full

Here's what Ariana is releasing for the 10th anniversary of 'Yours Truly':

Friday, 25th August

  • 'Yours Truly (Tenth Anniversary Edition)' Deluxe digital release.
  • 'Honeymoon Avenue' live performance.
  • 'Daydreamin'' live performance.

Saturday, 26th August

  • Q&A part 1.
  • Merch capsule.

Sunday, 27th August

  • 'Baby I' live performance.

Monday, 28th August

  • Q&A part 2.
  • Vinyl preorder.

Tuesday, 29th August

  • 'Tattooed Heart' live performance.
  • 'Right There' live performance.

Wednesday 30th August

  • 'The Way' live performance.
  • Behind the scenes moments.

How to watch Ariana Grande's 'Yours Truly' performances and Q&A

Ariana’s performances for 'Yours Truly' turning 10 will be available to watch from the dates listed above on YouTube. As for the live recordings, they'll be available to listen to on streaming platforms.

The special plans for ‘Yours Truly’ kick off in the run-up to its 10th anniversary, which is 30th August.

The pop sensation, who’s currently filming for the movie adaption of Wicked, was just 20 when the album came out and it featured 'The Way' with the late Mac Miller, who Ari dated for two years.

Which songs are on ‘Yours Truly’?

Here's the track list for Ariana's 'Yours Truly', in case you needed a reminder.

  • ‘Honeymoon Avenue’
  • ‘Baby I’
  • ‘Right There’
  • ‘Tattooed Heart’
  • ‘Loving’ It’
  • ‘Piano’
  • ‘Daydreamin’'
  • ‘The Way’
  • ‘You’ll Never Know’
  • ‘Almost Is Never Enough’
  • ‘Popular Song’
  • ‘Better Left Unsaid’

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