Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury Puppy: How Did Mr Chai Die?

4 June 2020, 10:48

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's dog Chai suddenly died
Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's dog Chai suddenly died. Picture: Molly-Mae/instagram / MrChai/Instagram

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have spoken out on how their puppy Mr Chai died just days after they brought him home.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury took to YouTube to address how their new puppy Mr Chai had died so suddenly, responding to backlash over the fact the dog was shipped to the UK from Russia.

The Love Island couple said if they could go through the process of finding a dog again they would look to get one from a UK breeder or adopt, instead of buying one from abroad.

Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury Reveal Puppy Chai's Cause Of Death In Emotional Video

How did Molly-Mae and Tommy’s dog Mr Chai die?

In their emotional video addressing the tragic death of their beloved new puppy Chai, Molly-Mae explained Chai was born with multiple health conditions.

Molly-Mae was given Chai for her 21st birthday
Molly-Mae was given Chai for her 21st birthday. Picture: Molly-Mae/Instagram

After two days at his new home the couple took Chai to the vets when he became unwell, expecting to leave him overnight while he was monitored.

However, after 30 minutes the vet rang them to tell them he’d had a seizure and sadly died.

Molly then discussed the health limitations Chai was born with, adding: “Chai's skull wasn't fully developed. Part of his brain was exposed. In a tiny dog, any knock probably wasn't very helpful.”

She also revealed he “didn’t have a single white blood cell in his body” meaning if he had picked up an infection he wouldn’t have been able to fight it off.

Mr Chai died after numerous health complications
Mr Chai died after numerous health complications. Picture: Molly-Mae/YouTube

Molly was also told the puppy was born with some organs enlarged.

Despite this, the reality stars were told by the breeder who shipped Chai over he was “in full health and had had all of his injections.”

The pair received a lot of criticism after announcing their dog’s death, with people blaming Chai’s ill health on the fact he’d been shipped over from Russia.

Responding to the accusations, Molly said: “Whilst we completely understand everyone's opinions about being shipped over from Russia, what you need to understand is that is not what made him die. He was going to die regardless.”

The couple said in hindsight they wouldn’t import a dog from abroad, and said they would have looked into UK breeders or adoption instead.

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