Love Island Star Olivia Attwood Furiously Hits Back At Followers Who Asked If She’s Pregnant

30 July 2020, 13:04

Olivia Attwood furiously shut down fans’ questions over whether she’s pregnant, after some followers said her tiredness could be due to pregnancy.

Love Island star Olivia Attwood, 26, received over 40 messages from Instagram followers asking if she’s pregnant, after she complained about feeling tired and having to nap in the day which she said is something she rarely does.

Hours after complaining about her tiredness, Olivia sarcastically fumed the only explanation for her drowsiness was down to being pregnant.

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Olivia Attwood fumed at people asking whether she's tired because she's pregnant
Olivia Attwood fumed at people asking whether she's tired because she's pregnant. Picture: Olivia Attwood/Instagram

She raged: “Sorry I’ve just gotta jump back on here because I have just literally gone on my DMs and I must have like 30 or 40-odd DMs saying – because I said I’m tired – that I’m pregnant.

“Obviously! I mean because there’s no other reason I could be f**king tired!

“Maybe that I just didn’t have a good sleep last night, I’ve been working loads this week… no, no I’m pregnant!

“That makes sense! Yeah because when you get past 25 the only reason to be alive as a woman is to be pregnant.”

Olivia Attwood is engaged to boyfriend Bradley Dack
Olivia Attwood is engaged to boyfriend Bradley Dack. Picture: Olivia Attwood/Instagram

Olivia said some also messaged her saying they thought she was pregnant “the other day.”

She continued: “You’re just so annoying, all of you and some of you messaged me like: ‘Oh, I thought you were pregnant the other day’.

“Why the f**k did you think I was pregnant?! For all you f**king know I haven’t had sex for six months, why do you think I’m pregnant? It just really annoys me!”

Olivia then posted to clarify she “has sex regularly”.

Olivia Attwood told fans to 'be sensitive'
Olivia Attwood told fans to 'be sensitive'. Picture: Olivia Attwood/Instagram

She also encouraged her followers to stop normalising asking whether someone is pregnant, when some people may be in situations where they’re struggling to conceive.

Olivia added: “It’s the complete opposite [or me]. I don’t have interest in babies or children, they don’t interest me, they actually bore the f**k out of me. So why am I gonna have one unless I’m interested.”

The Love Islander captioned her video: “Be sensitive to people’s situations.”

Olivia is set to marry boyfriend Bradley Dack after he proposed last year following an on-off relationship and has just returned to filming the new series of TOWIE.

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