Love Island Star Anna Vakili Claims She Was Arrested After Phoning Police Over Fears She Would Be Kidnapped

26 January 2022, 12:09

Anna Vakili and her sister were arrested
Anna Vakili and her sister were arrested. Picture: ITV / Anna Vakili/Instagram
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Love Island’s Anna Vakili was arrested for fighting with her sister, after initially calling the police over fears she would be kidnapped.

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Love Island 2019 star Anna Vakili has spoken out about being arrested, claiming she spent the night in a cell after getting into a fight with her sister in April last year.

Anna called the police after she and Mandi had a physical fight outside of London hotel The Dorchester.

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She admitted to the tabloids they ‘end up getting into arguments after a bit too much to drink’ but she didn’t expect to be handcuffed.

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Anna initially called the police over fears she would be kidnapped, but as they waited for police to arrive she and Mandi came to blows.

The 31-year-old said in a new interview: “My sister and I sometimes have a bit too much to drink in central London, and we end up getting into arguments with each other.

"Not long ago we ended up spending the night in jail.

"We got arrested for fighting each other – it wasn’t even a physical fight.

Anna Vakili initially rang the police over kidnap fears
Anna Vakili initially rang the police over kidnap fears. Picture: Anna Vakili/Instagram

"Mandi scratched my neck and it was bleeding a tiny bit. It was the tiniest little scratch, and the worst part of this is, that I called the police!"

Anna claims her kidnap call wasn’t dealt with properly.

She added: “We were handcuffed and put into a police van outside The Dorchester. The police did it on purpose because they knew who we were, and I could sue them for that.

"I was in the back of the police van with handcuffs on, and I could see at the front that they were googling my name."

Anna Vakili and her sister Mandi
Anna Vakili and her sister Mandi. Picture: Anna Vakili/Instagram

Recalling what happened when the police arrived, Anna's sister Mandi said: "When the feds came Anna was like a proper snitch crying. She shouted: 'It was her! Look what she’s done to my neck!'"

Anna added: "I never thought in a million years that we’d get arrested. And once they put the handcuffs on I yelled, 'I lied – it wasn’t her!'"

The sisters claim they spent 14 hours in police station cells before being quizzed.

The police have since confirmed in a statement that after the women’s arrest no further action was necessary and they were released from custody.

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