Louis Tomlinson Leap-Frogging Over Harry Styles Only Proves Their Talents Are Unmatched

11 June 2021, 17:31

Louis Tomlinson leaped over Harry Styles on stage
Louis Tomlinson leaped over Harry Styles on stage. Picture: PA / Twitter
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The One Direction lads certainly knew how to put on a show back in the day.

In episode 169373 of us reminiscing One Direction’s tours, an old clip of Louis Tomlinson being an all-round entertainer on stage has come to light.

A fan account resurfaced the old clip, showing Louis quite effortlessly leaping over bandmate Harry Styles.

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At first Niall Horan lines up to get involved in the parkour, before backing out and getting fearless Haz to step in.

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One Direction knew how to put on a show on tour
One Direction knew how to put on a show on tour. Picture: Getty

The boys put on the brief display of gymnastics after a fan tweeted to ask for the very specific request.

Naturally, Louis’ leap was successful and he jumped straight over 6ft Harry.

We’re not the only ones clearly missing Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis, Niall and Harry’s on-stage antics after Liam recently confessed he had a dream about a band reunion.

Be still our beating 1D hearts!

He said in an Instagram live chat: "The first part of the dream I was arguing with Zayn because I had stolen one of his leather jackets, but it was my leather jacket, it wasn't his!"

Louis also made an appearance in the dream, Liam revealed: "And then the second part of the dream I had a boxing match with Tommo and I couldn’t hit him, it was like a full boxing match. I wasn’t allowed to punch him, and it was really frustrating!

“At least you know I'm thinking of you boys.”

It’s not just you, Liam!

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