Your Guide To Lizzo’s New Album Including Features, Tracklist & More

15 July 2022, 16:59

Everything you need to know about Lizzo's new album
Everything you need to know about Lizzo's new album. Picture: Alamy/Lizzo
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Here’s everything you need to know about Lizzo’s fourth album including the release date, tracklist and features.

Lizzo's new era is finally here as she's dropped her brand new album 'Special'!

The songstress released her first single from the project, ‘Rumors’, back in August 2021, which was a special collaboration with Cardi B.

Speaking of rumours! There has been speculation that her good pal Harry Styles will also feature on the album, and we would love to see it!

Lizzo Had A Whole Album Recorded Before ‘Special’ But Scrapped It

Here’s your complete guide to the ‘Good As Hell’ star’s new era…

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Lizzo has been working on new music
Lizzo has been working on new music. Picture: Alamy

Lizzo's new album title and release date

Lizzo finally revealed the official title of her fourth studio album, which is fittingly called 'Special'.

She announced the artwork cover alongside the release date, July 15th, and we're so glad the day has finally come!

Lizzo's new album is titled 'Special'
Lizzo's new album is titled 'Special'. Picture: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

What has Lizzo said about her fourth album?

Lizzo shared some pretty exciting news about the status of her next studio record!

The 'Juice' singer was a keynote speaker at the SXSW Festival on March 13, and announced that she had started mastering her album when she flew back from the event.

“Flew home after an amazing #SXSW and mastered my album," she posted to Twitter.


Is Lizzo working with Harry Styles on her new album? Her features revealed

Rumours first started swirling that Haz and Lizzo would be collaborating on the upcoming album when the songstress teased her first single.

So far, none of the clues points to a definite collab between the pair, other than fans hoping for some of their joint magic on a track!

But there’s still time for a Hizzo announcement, which we would be so ready for btw!

Lizzo has revealed her brand new era
Lizzo has revealed her brand new era. Picture: @lizzobeeating/Instagram
Lizzo has unveiled her 'Special' tracklist
Lizzo has unveiled her 'Special' tracklist. Picture: Lizzo/Twitter

Lizzo’s new album tracklist

A week before her album was set to drop, Lizzo shared the highly-anticipated tracklist!

'Special' will feature 12 tracks to mark the musician's new era – and it's rumoured that there will even be a special message from Lizzo at the end of the record.

Fans will, of course, recognise the bop of the summer 'About Damn Time' as track two, as well as eponymous song 'Special', which is slap bang in the middle of the album.

  1. 'The Sign'
  2. 'About Damn Time'
  3. 'Grrrls'
  4. '2 Be Loved'
  5. 'I Love You Bitch'
  6. 'Special'
  7. 'Break Up Twice'
  8. 'Everybody's Gay'
  9. 'Naked'
  10. 'Birthday Girl'
  11. 'If You Love Me'
  12. 'Coldplay'

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