Apple Introduce Slofies – The Brand New Way You’ll Be Taking Selfies In 2020

11 September 2019, 17:36 | Updated: 11 September 2019, 17:39

There's a new selfie technique you'll soon be seeing on your feed
There's a new selfie technique you'll soon be seeing on your feed. Picture: Apple

Prepare to up your selfie game, because things just reached an entirely new level.

Apple has introduced a new selfie term you’re going to want to get familiar with – slofies.

As the brand unveiled a series of new products and updates to its current software on Tuesday 10 September, they coined the word slofies – a slow motion selfie which can be taken on the new iPhone 11’s front facing camera.

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Within moments of the slofie being explained, it of course went viral on Twitter and there have been some hilarious reactions.

Meanwhile, we’re preparing to see a lot of these wind-machine style clips all over our Insta feed…

In the past we’ve had the duck face pout, the hair curtain, the claw hand and the ‘I’m bored’ face, but slofies will no doubt be the next thing to be attempted by influencers.

We can already see the beauty bloggers using the feature to flaunt that Fenty glow on their cheekbones.

However, some Twitter users aren’t a fan of the slofie and made sure to air their dislike for the new pose tactic on social media.

“Stop trying to make ‘slofies’ happen” one person warned, as another said: “Please un-invent this.”

Some also think they were the ones to invent the slofie.

Whether you’re a fan or not, we know you’re going to attempt the slofie if you get your hands on the iPhone 11.

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