Liam Payne Addresses One Direction's Lack Of Dancing Ability

3 March 2021, 12:40 | Updated: 3 March 2021, 13:00

Liam Payne has looked back at One Direction's lack of dancing ability as a boyband and we're half laughing, half crying because we miss them.

Liam Payne has opened up about One Direction's boyband journey and their unique lack of dancing (and dancing ability for that matter) while talking on the FIFA PlayOn podcast.

We can't tell whether to burst out laughing or crying as the 27-year-old took us back the boys' in their 1D era where they made not dancing cool and doing the Can-can a legitimate art form- what an era!

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Liam Payne addresses One Direction's lack of dancing ability
Liam Payne addresses One Direction's lack of dancing ability. Picture: YouTube One Direction/ Liam Payne Twitter

When reflecting on 1D's place in the boyband hall of fame, Liam acknowledged the boys were not expert dancers, nor did they have set routines to their songs.

He said: "Obviously my boyband did not dance."

"And could never dance, should’ve never danced anyway."

"But I mean the one [dance move] that you know of boybands is the boyband air grab which you’ve seen in every single boyband music video that’s ever been made."

Elsewhere in the chat he opened up about his friendship with Robbie Williams, who helps guide him from being in a band 1D to being his own solo artist, which Robbie has also been through as he left his own band, Take That.

Liam commended the 'Angels' singer and said his advice helped him feel less alone.

He said: "“We had this really interesting chat recently about coming out of a boyband and then going solo artist and going to this."

"It’s great having somebody there who’s been through all of those things, knows all of the pitfalls, and you don’t feel so alone."

So, all things considered, we think we'll actually have a little weep and YouTube some of their best songs because we miss the boys every day- even if they can't and won't dance!

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