Liam Payne Reveals Favourite Place He Toured In With One Direction

3 February 2021, 12:59

Liam Payne reveals favourite place he toured with One Direction
Liam Payne reveals favourite place he toured with One Direction. Picture: Getty Images

Liam Payne spoke about the best place in the world to perform when touring with One Direction thanks to the incredibly passionate fans there.

Liam Payne has revealed one his favourite places to perform when touring the world with One Direction admitting it was a 'blur' but he loved the whole experience, while talking on the FIFA PlayOn podcast.

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Liam Payne sings to fans from balcony in South America

The star, while talking about all things football, couldn't help but draw on his own experiences travelling the world with Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn.

Fan account @TheDailyPayne documented the singer's conversation which saw him gush about his time touring.

He revealed South America was one of his personal favourite places to tour and perform thanks to the passion of its people.

Liam said: "The way we used to travel around and I mean, for me, South America was just the best place because everyone over there is so passionate."

"The fans are always so passionate, I mean same goes with football."

"For me, I went round so many places, it's such a blur but I definitely loved my time over there."

We really felt the fan who commented, "The way i don’t know anything about football or fifa but i’ll gladly listen to liam payne talk about it."

During their career, the band embarked on four world tours, two of which were stadiums, so when Liam says it was all a 'blur', you can definitely understand how the enormous operations that whisked the boys from country to country at lightning speed would have been very confusing!

However, that amazing video of Liam serenading fans in South America truly proves how dedicated 1D's fanbase was, and is, in that part of the world.

Ah, the memories!

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