WATCH: Katy Perry Unveils Teenage Dream Album Artwork Aged 25 In Ten Year Throwback

25 August 2020, 15:33

Watch a 25-year-old Katy Perry unveil the ‘Teenage Dream’ cover art in cute throwback video

Katy Perry posted an amazing throwback of her unveiling the 'Teenage Dream' album artwork when she was 25-years-old as the iconic record turns 10.

Katy Perry has celebrated the ten year anniversary of her infamous, historic and iconic 'Teenage Dream' album, posting a throwback video of her, aged 25, unveiling the album artwork and making everyone seriously nostalgic.

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Katy Perry posts ten year old video of her revealing 'Teenage Dream' artwork
Katy Perry posts ten year old video of her revealing 'Teenage Dream' artwork. Picture: Katy Perry/ Teenage Dream

Speaking into a microphone from her record label's office, Katy says: "Hello everybody out there, I'm Katy Perry and thank you for coming to my UStream of my album cover, 'Teenage Dream'."

"I'm so excited and I love being live, because anything could happen!"

After counting down and unveiling the candy floss themed cover art we all know so well, she says:

"Ooh, Oh my god! What will my mother say next?"

"Wow, it's so gorgeous, I'm so excited, I'm nervous, I'm shaking a little bit!"

"I think this will be my first real art."

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'Teenage Dream', which birthed classic pop tracks including 'California Girls', 'E.T.', and 'Last Friday Night', was released in 2010 and was Katy's second album.

It followed on from her wildly successful debut, 'One Of The Boys' which gave us her giant breakthrough hits, 'I Kissed A Girl' and 'Hot N Cold' and 'Waking Up In Vegas'.

Even listing these tracks out is making us emotional, these were such huge pop eras, and her fans certainly agree.

One wrote, "She didn't know she was about to make history with that album" and another said, "little did she know it was going to be the biggest pop era of the 2010s."

We can hardly believe it's been ten whole years since she served us that unforgettable album, but not to worry, despite being pregnant, Katy is showing no signs of slowing down and is giving us another record, 'Smile', very soon.

In fact, it's dropping on August 28th, so get ready!

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