Jeffree Star's Relationship With Ex Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt Got To An 'Unhealthy Place'

13 January 2020, 12:11 | Updated: 13 January 2020, 12:17

Jeffree Star says relationship got to an 'unhealthy' place
Jeffree Star says relationship got to an 'unhealthy' place. Picture: YouTube Jeffrey Star/Getty Images

YouTuber and make-up mogul Jeffree Star has opened up about his split from his boyfriend of five years, admitting fame played a role in their break-up.

YouTuber and make-up mogul Jeffree Star's confirmed he and his boyfriend of five years, Nathan Schwandt, have broken up, shocking fans around the world in a 17 minute video that's been viewed over 25 million times.

In the video, Jeffree insisted there was no bad blood between the pair, but admitted their relationship had gotten to an 'unhealthy place', with his ex finding it difficult to cope being on camera and in the spotlights so intensely.

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Although Jeffree insisted there was no tea or drama and skirted around any details of the break-up, he did confirm they'd fallen out of love with each other, saying: "Do we have love for each other? Yes. Are we in love? No."

However, the entrepreneur praised Nate, saying he was "the only man who was confident enough to love me in public" and we're honestly reaching for the tissues rn.

He also said their relationship got to an 'unhealthy place', mentioning Nate's difficulty dealing with with spotlight, attention and cameras on both him and his ex proving too much to handle.

Fans are devasted and have been venting their heartbreak on Twitter, with many declaring 'love is dead'.

Many are asking if rumours that Nate cheated on Jeffree have any substance to them- but the social media star was quick to shut the allegations down, hard, writing on Twitter:

"Nate has been at my house w the dogs all day. Media outlets reporting lies about him: Stop, it’s not going to work."

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