James Charles Accuses Uber Driver Of Verbally Attacking & Threatening Him

28 February 2020, 16:10

James Charles accuses Uber driver of threatening him and verbal abuse
James Charles accuses Uber driver of threatening him and verbal abuse. Picture: Getty Images

James Charles has tweeted about experiencing verbal abuse from an Uber driver who allegedly threatened to hit him and his friend

Make-up YouTuber James Charles has taken to Twitter to accuse an Uber driver or verbally assaulting him and threatening to hit him and his friend whilst in Orlando for YouTube convention Playlist Live

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The millionnaire make-up artist and social media figure took to Twitter, writing: "Hi! one of your drivers in orlando just called my employee & I dumbasses, b**ches, & threatened to hit us. please contact me as soon as possible."

The company was quick to respond, saying: "We take this very seriously. Please send us a DM with your email address and phone number so we can connect ASAP."

Although he didn't provide any further context about how the encounter unfolded, his army of loyal fans came to the influencer's defence, saying, "james wtf i'm so sorry, unprofessional and gross" and another saying 'oof, what not to say to a paying customer."

Fans send messages of support to James Charles
Fans send messages of support to James Charles. Picture: Twitter

This is by no means the first scenario James has had to endure with trolls, be it online or in real life, taking to Twitter to promote a message of positivity to hit back at those who drag him online, writing:

"I get that a lot of people don’t like me. I’ve learned to accept & understand it - but the extent that some people on this app are willing to go in attempt to ruin my life is truly sad."

"I hope one day people find a way to feel validation without having to bash others for likes."

The 20-year-old has even admitted they want to get rid of Twitter, as other online figures have done, but says it's too important to his business.

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