Instagram Rumoured To Launch 'See What Your Friends Have Liked' Feature

16 March 2022, 13:32 | Updated: 16 March 2022, 17:36

Could Instagram be bringing back the feature?
Could Instagram be bringing back the feature? Picture: Alamy

Theories are swirling online that Instagram could be bringing back one of its old features to the app.

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Rumours began to whirr earlier this week that Instagram could bring back a feature of the app that allows users to see what posts their friends have liked.

Unlike Facebook, the app doesn't show the activity of the accounts you follow in your newsfeed, users can only see photos and videos posted from accounts they follow, hashtags they follow and advertisements.

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However, this hasn't always been the case. Since October 2019, Instagram accounts could no longer view someone else's activity on the app.

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Instagram got rid of the old feature in 2019
Instagram got rid of the old feature in 2019. Picture: Getty

A tweet posted earlier this week sparked speculation that the social media platform could be bringing back the old feature – but this time it would be slightly different.

The Twitter user theorises that Instagram could be trialling a feature on the 'Explore' page that allows accounts to see what posts their friends have been interacting with.

This new rumoured section of the 'Explore' page is thought to be called 'Liked by friends'.

The tweet got a series of replies, with one reading: "So they wanna bring it back lol. The activity era."

Social media users were quick to question if the new feature could be disabled, as many haven't missed this function since it was removed nearly three years ago.

One account replied to the tweet: "I'm almost sure they will let users disable it."

How would you feel about the new 'What friends have liked' feature coming back?

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