WATCH: He Cheated On Her & Now People All Over The World Are Heartbroken

16 February 2017, 15:26 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Hurtbae Kourtney Jorge The Scene

This video is breaking hearts all over the world and there's nothing to stop the pain

Yes, the most heartbreaking video of the year has finally surfaced and we're having trouble getting to the end of it without crying a little. These two exes get together to discuss what the hell happened to their relationship and well...just watch what happens.

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The video was made by The Scene and their original tweet has been retweeted over 100K times within its first ten hours of going live. In fact, the poor lady in the video has now been dubbed #HurtBae and people want to come to her rescue.


PIC: The Scene

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As tearful as you may be after sitting through the clip, it is nothing compared to some of the reactions across the net...

Just one thing before we go...WHY WOULD YOU CHEAT ON HER?!


Happy Valentine's Day! -Kourtney

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