Harry Styles Took Fans By Surprise With His SNL Appearance

5 October 2020, 12:38

Harry Styles made a surprise appearance on SNL
Harry Styles made a surprise appearance on SNL. Picture: Saturday Night Live/ YouTube

Harry Styles popped up on 'Saturday Night Live' to read a passage from his Calm app story much to the delight of his fans who didn't see the cameo coming.

Harry Styles popped up unannounced on Saturday Night Live at the weekend to read a passage from his Calm app bedtime story and it took fans by total surprise.

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If you aren't familiar with SNL, the live music and comedy show has just resumed in the US, and one of the most highly anticipated sketches was a spoof of the recent presidential debate between Donald Trump (played by Alec Baldwin) and Joe Biden (played by Jim Carrey).

It was during this segment Harry made his appearance as Jim Carrey joked he needed to calm down, so put on his 'new Harry Styles meditation tape'.

Up popped Harry in the thought bubble, sporting his longer locks, moustache and white t-shirt, Harry read out the passage in his soothing voice.

He said: "We dig our toes in cool wet sand and sit to face the sea, and let the sand wash over us. Alone just you and me."

Twitter erupted as fans had no idea their favourite guy was about to play on their TV screen.

One fan wrote, "A harry styles cameo on the snl premiere...I am UNWELL" and another said, "Harry styles showing up in tonight’s snl cold open caught me so off guard HELP??"

Harry and SNL have a long history, with the singer taking on 'double duty' hosting the show as well as being its musical guest back in November 2019, reportedly impressing the comedy cast with his sense of humour and acting skills.

He first ever took part in the show back in 2017 when he was called upon to play Mick Jagger, a celebrity he has often been compared to in the looks department, putting on a seriously hilarious display whilst impersonating him and likely laying the foundations for him being asked to host!

He really is our singing/acting/comedy/meditation king- please find something he can't do, we're waiting!

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