Harry Styles Has Shaved His Moustache & It's Every Fans' Worst Nightmare

9 September 2020, 10:19 | Updated: 9 September 2020, 10:21

Harry Styles has shaved his moustache and no one is coping well
Harry Styles has shaved his moustache and no one is coping well. Picture: PA/ Twitter

Harry Styles has shaved his moustache off and it is some of his fans' worst fear, so, we're sorry in advance for the news.

Harry Styles debuted a moustache during 2020 lockdown, and as soon as fans saw it, they dreaded the day he got rid of it, and we're afraid to announce, that day has arrived.

Mr. Styles has reportedly shaved the 'tache off.

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The news caused 'Harry shaved' to trend worldwide after a fan's mum ran into him at a gym and reported back to those on moustache watch the fateful news, "yes, he shaved."

A fan breaks the news about Harry shaving his moustache
A fan breaks the news about Harry shaving his moustache. Picture: Twitter

The moustache accompanied Harry through quarantine, on a trip to Italy and to Bath where he may or may not have been recording new music in the studio he created much of 'Fine Line', (please, Haz, let us know), and every time he posed with a fan, the fan was asked the same question.

Was the moustache safe?

It seems, only temporarily.

A while back we reported on Harry bumping into a fan, donning a COVID-19 approved bandana around his face, so the lucky fan who ran into the singer didn't manage to get a glimpse of it.

After being inundated with questions about his facial hair, they reported: "He was wearing his bandana the whole time so I didn't see his moustache."

Tributes for the short-lived era of the 'tache are pouring in, with one fan even making an 'in memorium' slideshow of all of its appearances, which we're sure will help people through this a little better.

All in all, we know it's a pretty sad day, but just think, now he's shaved it off, what new hair era awaits us?!

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