Harry Styles Finds Unlikely Supporter In Logan Paul Who Defended Singer & Slammed Toxic Masculinity

19 November 2020, 12:23

Harry Styles defended by Logan Paul
Harry Styles defended by Logan Paul. Picture: PA/ YouTube Logan Paul

Harry Styles has found an unlikely supporter in YouTuber Logan Paul who defended the singer's masculinity and decision to wear a dress on the front of Vogue.

Harry Styles's latest celebrity supporter is none other than Logal Paul who called out toxic masculinity on his podcast and fans are wondering if 2020 has any surprises left in store.

Harry Styles Sees Celebs Leap To His Defence Following Vogue Dress Backlash

25-year-old YouTuber Logan was talking about the 'Golden' singer's historic Vogue cover on his enormously popular Impaulsive podcast when he defended Harry's boundary breaking outfit that saw him don a Gucci dress on the front of the fashion publication.

Questioning the critics of the cover who have stated their desire to make men 'manly' again, Logan asked in disbelief:

"Bring back manly men... because Harry Styles is wearing a dress in a field?"

To which his friend replied: "It ain't manly bro."

Logan's response to this comment is what has taken people somewhat by surprise.

He said: "What is manly to you?"

"Being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable about who you are regardless of what you're wearing?"

Mic drop!

Fans have flooded both YouTube and Twitter discussing Logan's open minded and calm discussion about masculinity and have accused his show mate of 'gaslighting' him into thinking he was being 'angry'.

They wrote: "Yikes, like why did they have to GASLIGHT logan like that."

"There is no set things for “manly” clothes dont have gender. Like wtf, props to him for being so open tho."

Another said: "Yo I never thought I would resonate with Logan Paul, ever, but he's pretty much nailed it. Mad respect for this."

For those who aren't familiar with Logan, he's has somewhat of a dramatic history when it comes to public opinion and the media for his outspoken nature and seriously controversial videos, many of which he's had to apologise for.

But, hey, it's 2020, literally no one can predict what's going to happen next and it looks like Logan Paul is out here talking straight facts.

You can watch the full episode below.

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