Harry Styles's Amazing Gesture While Appearing On SNL With One Direction Revealed

22 January 2021, 13:28

SNL crew reveals what Harry Styles was like to work with
SNL crew reveals what Harry Styles was like to work with. Picture: Eric Goldie TikTok/ Getty Images/ KFC

Another day, another story about Harry Styles being the most thoughtful guy ever, especially when it comes to his fans as this viral TikTok reveals...

Former Saturday Night Live crew member Eric Goldie has revealed what it's like to work with Harry Styles and his incredibly kind gesture when appearing on the show as part of One Direction back in 2014!

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Spilling all the tea from 1D's time on the famous show, Eric Goldie confirmed what many fans already knew- the guys were absolutely obsessed with KFC!

He said: "[They were] so excited about KFC, every day for some reason they asked for KFC. Do they not have KFC in the UK?"

"One Friday after rehearsals they decided to order KFC.. not one bucket, not two buckets, not three buckets... they got like 50 buckets of KFC."

"I get it they are growing boys, but honestly who can eat that much chicken?"

He went on to specifically talk about Harry, confirming what everyone already knows- that he is the nicest guy ever.

Eric said: "Of course, Harry Styles is a saint, he didn't want any of it to go to waste."

"So he decided to give it to us, all 38 buckets that they didn't finish."

"He asked us if we could deliver to it people waiting in line for SNL."

One Direction starring on SNL back in 2014
One Direction starring on SNL back in 2014. Picture: Getty

Making fans' dreams come true he went even further and revealed more anecdotes about his time working with Harry.

He said: "One thing I loved about Harry about was his insane wardrobe."

"I remember this sparkly pair of boots he was wearing and a lot of like leopard print."

"One thing that surprised me was how much wardrobe they travelled with, I feel like Harry had 10 garment bags just for himself."

He also revealed the boys all got haircuts in their dressing room before they went on and he even thought about snapping up some of Harry's hair that was all over the floor.

All this story has done is make us want to hang out with the guys even more than we did before- help.

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