Every Time Harry Styles Has Been The Politest Pop Star Ever Whilst Meeting Fans

25 November 2022, 16:01

Harry Styles is the politest celeb you'll ever run into
Harry Styles is the politest celeb you'll ever run into. Picture: Getty

The 'As It Was' singer has gone viral on various times with stories, videos or pictures that prove Harry is the most polite pop star ever.

As if we'd ever need evidence as to why Harry Styles is the nicest, friendliest pop star out there - many amazing stories of the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer spreading joy to people he meets have emerged, and one in particular from the woman who lent her house out as a green room whilst he and his crew were in St Abbs’, Scotland.

She told The Telegraph: "One Thursday I was just coming home from work and there was Harry walking into the house."

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She explained she and her husband were in the garden when Harry came outside: "I think he was having a coffee, and he sat down and chatted, asked me about bits and pieces about the village. I was talking to him about his Gucci clothes and we had a bit of a laugh."

After they had wrapped filming, Harry invited the married couple to have a glass of champagne with him and the crew.

What a story!

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Harry Styles has been praised many times for being the politest pop star
Harry Styles has been praised many times for being the politest pop star. Picture: Getty

If that wasn't wholesome enough, he proved once again why fans love him so much whilst taking a photo with a fan in Miami and being the politest pop star ever, chatting and even shaking hands with the young teenage fan, and melting everyone's hearts in the process.

The One Direction singer can be seen having the cutest interaction with the fan, who seemed more than pleased with her time with the pop star.

Harry, who posed for a photo with the fan, shook her hand before continuing to chat with her - the most well-mannered pop star around, and the fan was praised for being polite and non-intrusive during their amicable meeting.

After the video had circulated, fans commented on the enviable meeting praising the fan for being respectful of the 1D star, with one saying: "I'm so soft this is so adorable", while another said: "This is so great, I love when true fans and good people meet Harry. Makes me so happy for you and him."

The lucky fan posted a string of tweets about the moment, saying: "I definitely blacked out during half of me meeting him I was just like oh okay he’s ACTUALLY real."

Harry Styles' polite meeting with a fan
Harry Styles' polite meeting with a fan. Picture: Twitter

The 'Adore You' hitmaker also paid off a bar tab in Soho House in LA one time, upholding his 'gentleman' status, while Hollywood fans were sad they missed a run-in with Haz, again.

His fans did some detective work and found out that he had been at private members club, Soho House, when he did the generous deed.

The Love On Tour singer's fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment in not running into Harry, and even went so far as to use him for daily encouragement.

One fan wrote: "I wonder what would happen if i actually dressed presentably everyday and wasn’t completely content with walking around LA looking like the lochness monster at all hours of the day," before another replied with, "If you need any motivation just remember Harry styles is in LA right now and you could run into him at any moment."

Sisterhood between Harry Styles fans is always welcome!

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