Hailee Steinfeld Performs 'Wrong Direction' About Ex Niall Horan For The First Time

26 February 2020, 16:31

Hailsee Steinfeld performs 'Wrong Direction' for the first time
Hailsee Steinfeld performs 'Wrong Direction' for the first time. Picture: Getty Images/YouTube The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Singer and ex-girlfriend of Niall Horan, Hailee Steinfeld, has performed her emotional track 'Wrong Direction' (a nod to his former band) for the first time.

Hailee Steinfeld has put on an emotional first performance of her track 'Wrong Direction', which is pretty much understood to be about her ex-boyfriend, Niall Horan's, with a nod to One Direction in the title, and the lyrics give further insight into what happened between the pair.

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Admitting her 'heart stopped' when she sang the song live for the first time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert show, the lyrics hint toward heartache and even suggest there was infidelity that caused the ending of the relationship.

One line says: "I probably should have known, but I just wanted to believe you were out sleeping alone."

The song also begins with the lyrics: "I just hate all the hurt that you put me through/ And that I blame myself for letting you/ Did you know I already knew?"

Hailee posted to her 12 million Instagram followers: "I performed wrong direction for the first time tonight on @colbertlateshow I didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was."

"The second I starting singing I felt like my heart stopped. Hurt so good."

Niall and Hailee, although they never confirmed it, were in a relationship from around December 2017 to December 2018, with the 'Slow Hands' singer posting a photo of the Pitch Perfect 2 actress backstage at one of his gigs in the UK, wearing his merch.

It appears both singers are cut up about the split, as each of their new material is about the break-up, with Niall announcing the title of his second album is 'Heartbreak Weather', which he says includes some pretty sad ballads, inspired by the split.

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