Gabby Allen And Myles Stephenson Split After She ‘Catches Him Texting Other Girls’

23 August 2019, 11:02 | Updated: 23 August 2019, 11:06

Gabby Allen and Myles Stephenson may have split
Gabby Allen and Myles Stephenson may have split. Picture: Getty Images/ Instagram @gabbydawnallen

Gabby Allen has apparently split from Rak-Su’s Myles Stephenson, after discovering he'd been texting other girls.

Gabby Allen sparked rumours she’s split from Rak-Su singer Myles Stephenson after removing all traces of him from her Instagram profile, and it’s now emerged she reportedly found him sending flirty messages to other girls.

The reality TV star is no doubt gutted, after discovering her ex Marcel Somerville had cheated on her last year.

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A friend apparently told the tabloids: “Gabby ­suspected Myles had been messaging a girl a while ago, but he told her that one of his mates had used his Instagram account.

"Then when they were meant to be having space apart, Gabby caught him red-handed. She immediately ended the relationship.

"She is shocked that it happened, especially after everything she went through with Marcel."

The friend added: “She has made her decision and doesn’t want to be with someone she can’t trust.”

Myles moved in with Gabby earlier this year but apparently moved back in with his mum last month as the couple worked on their issues.

Love Island star Gabby first sparked rumours this week she'd split from Myles after she deleted all traces of him from her Instagram page, with the couple having last been pictured together back in May.

The celeb pair first went public with their relationship back in September 2018, shortly after Gabby left the Celebrity Big Brother house and they've remained pretty inseparable ever since, until things went pretty quiet recently.

Gabby also reportedly liked a cryptic post about 'walking away' and 'doing what is best for the health of your heart', which is quite often a celebs way of letting people subtly know that they have ended things.

Gabby Allen and Myles Stephenson have split
Gabby Allen and Myles Stephenson have split. Picture: Gabby Allen/Instagram

Gabby had previously opened up about their relationship, revealing she and Myles were living together and even looking to buy a house together, declaring he is the first person she's considered planning for the future with.

She told The Daily Mail: "I mean he’s the first person that I’ve really thought about having a long term relationship. We’re talking about future things too.""It doesn’t feel weird talking about it, it’s not forced in any way. It’s not put on."

The fitness guru also threw some shade about her Love Island ex, Marcel Somerville, whilst gushing about Myles, saying: "Since I’ve been with Myles it feels like we’ve been together for ages! To think back to previous relationships, it’s like madness that you were ever with that person."

Neither party have yet directly addressed the split rumours.

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