A Four-Day Work Week Is Being Trialled In The UK

18 January 2022, 11:12

Could a four-day work week be coming to the UK?
Could a four-day work week be coming to the UK? Picture: Getty
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The UK is trialling a four-day work week with no change to pay – here's the lowdown...

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The four-day work week could be on the horizon in the UK as a trial has just received the green light.

A pilot scheme has been launched to test the waters amid the long-hoped-for change to the traditional working week.

The trial will run for six months with 30 companies taking part, all employees will receive the same amount of pay despite working one less day a week.

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The promising scheme is being led by 4 Day Week Global – a non-profit organisation that aims to champion a change to the ‘future of work’.

They have launched the scheme in partnership with the think tank Autonomy, as well as multiple researchers at prestigious institutions Oxford University, Boston College, and Cambridge University.

Reduced working hours are being trialled in the UK
Reduced working hours are being trialled in the UK. Picture: Getty
The scheme will run for six months
The scheme will run for six months. Picture: Getty

A representative at 4 Day Week Global, said: “More and more businesses are moving to productivity-focused strategies to enable them to reduce worker hours without reducing pay.”

"We are excited by the growing momentum and interest in our pilot program and in the four-day week more broadly," they announced.

The organisation's aim is to challenge the current work model in 2022, measuring productivity rather than hours spent 'at work'.

The UK isn’t the only one getting the four-day week treatment! Other trials in the US, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be launched simultaneously.

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