Disney Fans Want Dove Cameron To Play Frozen's Elsa In RL & We Can Totally See Why

13 March 2017, 15:01 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Dove Camera Elsa Facebook Photo

Dove Cameron has ALL the attributes needed to be the real-life Elsa...plus, she can sing just like her!

If you've never heard of Dove Cameron then get ready to fall in love with your new favourite actress. Born in 1996, the blonde bombshell rose to fame playing BOTH main characters in Disney's 'Liv And Maddie' before releasing a few hit singles and starring in countless movies.

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However, since becoming a household name in the U.S the 21 year old is starting to turn heads as a possible shoe-in for the lead role in a real-life 'Frozen' remake (if they ever decided to make one).

Fans all over Twitter have been posting how badly Dove looks like the Ice Queen...

Hey, Lily James and Emma Watson have already helped bring to life some of the iconic Princesses and Dove pretty much looks like royalty anyway...Disney...make it happen!

dove cameron elsa


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As if her doppelgänger appearance wasn't eniough to convince you, Dove can actually sing like an absolute pro. In fact, she posted a cover of the very song Elsa is famous for all the way back in 2014.


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