Club Penguin Is Back Online And The Number Of Users Are Overloading Its Servers

3 April 2020, 15:05

Club Pengun have seen an influx of users since the beginning of March
Club Pengun have seen an influx of users since the beginning of March. Picture: Club Penguin Online

Club Penguin is back in action to keep the nation entertained while we quarantine.

Club Penguin is providing all the nostalgia after being put back online just a few years after it was shut down.

Just like the Sims 4 saw an influx of downloads as the world went into lockdown, Club Penguin has seen its users soar in the past few weeks.

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Disney’s Club Penguin was huge in 2005 long before the likes of Instagram and TikTok took over our lives, but after a gradual decline in users it closed down in 2017.

But as most of the population are spending their time in isolation, all of these spare hours means all the more time to play the nostalgic games we forgot about.

And on 27 March, Club Penguin tweeted to say they’ve seen over six million penguins get involved.

However, on 31 March their servers were overloaded with the number of players and the game developers said they’d “have to invest in new servers”.

There are two different versions of Club Penguin, one named Club Penguin Online and the other Club Penguin Rewritten, which is thought to be the older version from 2005-2010.

In the virtual world, players can socialise and play mini-games and activities just like the good old days.

Membership is also totally free this time around, after they previously had a £2.99 fee.

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