How To Download The Sims 4 As EA Games Puts It On Sale For £11 During Coronavirus Isolation!

23 March 2020, 17:08

Everyone is downloading The Sims during social distancing
Everyone is downloading The Sims during social distancing. Picture: The Sims 4/ EA Games

As huge parts of the world go into lockdown- one such game has seen an enormous boom, The Sims! As EA slashes the price of the computer game whilst people are in isolation- here's how you can download the game and get playing to beat the boredom!

People have been coming up with some seriously great boredom busters whilst staying indoors due to the Coronavirus, one of the biggest of which has been people rushing to download, or re-download The Sims 4 online- who have slashed their prices whilst everyone is in isolation!

A word of warning, we've been playing for the past couple of days, and you can lose absolute hours of your life on this game, and we've got all the information on how you can get it and play in just minutes!

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So, we'll admit, we felt a little old when we first fancied playing the game and wondered how to get our hands on the CD version whilst isolating and whatnot, only to be gently informed you no longer have to have a disc (2020, amiright?!) and can literally go onto the EA website and grab it.

Dropping the price from its usual £44.99 to just £11.24, taking 75% off the price during these long, testing times, we always suspected The Sims was legendary, but now we know it for sure.

You'll need enough memory on your laptop (are you getting childhood flashbacks from all this information, because we definitely did) for the file to download, then just open it up and start playing!

It doesn't need an internet connection to play, and, if like us you haven't played since you were a pre-teen, you're in for a world of fun.

With hugely improved graphics and capabilities, you can go to the gym, go on dates, decorate your house, go outside (remember those times) and do a load of crazy stuff the older versions didn't allow you to do.

Have we sold you on it yet?!

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