Chris Hughes Praised For Having Testicular Examination Live On This Morning

28 November 2018, 13:26

Chris Hughes is being praised for undergoing a live testicular examination on This Morning to help spread awareness about the potential health risks that can be avoided, speaking openly about his own experiences which saw him undergo surgery as a teenager.

Love Island's Chris Hughes is being applauded by viewers of This Morning for having a live televised testicular examination by a doctor to help spread awareness about potential health scares, as he has experienced himself first hand in the past.

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Opening up about his own health scares in an Instagram post after the show, Chris revealed: "Testicular issues have plagued myself & my family for many years, from cancer to infertility, so helping and urging others to check themselves means a lot to me".

Chris previously revealed his battle with a varicocele, an 'enlargement of the veins within the scrotum' which put him at risk of being infertile, admitting he suffered for six years before seeking help for the problem, which was a primary reason he took to the screen to spread the word.

He said he underwent multiple surgeries to correct the problem and even admitted he had his sperm frozen if his fertility was affected in the future.

Viewers rushed to Twitter to send their support and to praise to the reality star, labelling him 'brave' and a 'role model' for volunteering himself for the examination.

Divulging it's a matter that runs in his family, Chris heartbreakingly revealed: "My two brothers are completely infertile but one managed to have a miracle baby. My one brother Will has not one sperm in his body".

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