Pregnant Cara De La Hoyde Defends Decision To Stay In Disneyland Florida Amid Coronavirus Pandemic After Being Branded ‘Irresponsible’

20 March 2020, 11:10 | Updated: 20 March 2020, 12:26

Cara De La Hoyde is staying in Orlando with her family amid the coronavirus pandemic
Cara De La Hoyde is staying in Orlando with her family amid the coronavirus pandemic. Picture: Cara De La Hoyde/Instagram

Cara De La Hoyde hit back at one of her followers who called her and Nathan Massey ‘irresponsible’.

Cara De La Hoyde and husband Nathan Massey, who won Love Island in 2016, are remaining at their hotel in Orlando after a trip to Disneyland with their little boy Freddie was cut short when the parks were closed amid coronavirus fears.

While the nation has been advised to self-isolate as the pandemic develops, Cara and Nathan have decided to stay in Florida with their two-year-old son – a decision which has divided some of her 1.1million followers.

Love Island's Cara De La Hoyde Announces She's Pregnant With Second Child With Nathan Massey

One person fumed at the reality TV star: “It’s a d**k response that people thought this was no big deal and went on vacation.

“People canceled funerals and weddings and they were like f**k it were going to Disney that’s irresponsible. That’s why people are dying. I’m allowed to be upset [sic].”

Cara De La Hoyde is pregnant with her second child
Cara De La Hoyde is pregnant with her second child. Picture: Cara De La Hoyde/Instagram

Sticking by her decision, Cara hit back: “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion I just happen to not agree with yours and I’m allowed that opinion also. And I feel a lot safer here than in England so I won’t be rushing home.”

She added that not all of her followers have criticised her decision not to return home, writing: “The amount of messages I have from people saying how nice it is to see anything other than the madness of the world right now makes me happy with my decision. Stay safe.”

It’s not the first time Cara had to defend her plans, after one follower warned her pregnant women are more vulnerable if they catch Covid-19.

They commented on a picture of the family with Mickey Mouse: “It’s a global pandemic and they’re saying people won’t no symptoms are testing positive. This is so irresponsible. For goodness sake, you’re pregnant! [sic]”

However, Cara calmly responded: “Thank you for your concern, what I do with my family is my concern. Please stay safe.”

Another fan also Stateside said they too would prefer to stay in Florida, instead of returning to “the madness in the UK.”

Cara and Nathan recently revealed Cara is pregnant with their second child, with Nathan admitting he’ll be booking a vasectomy if they welcome a baby girl.

Discussing learning the sex of their unborn baby, Cara said: “I’m just too impatient. If we had a boy and a girl and went for a third, we'd be like, 'Let's have a surprise'. But we really want a girl.”

Nathan went on to joke that they’d be all set if they had one of each, saying: "As long as he or she's healthy, but we'd like a boy and a girl - and then I'd tie my testicles in a knot!”

The pair apparently already had words about the possibility of them stopping at baby number two, with Cara adding: "You chat rubbish, because I said to you about having a vasectomy, so don't give it the big'un, because you wouldn’t [sic].”

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