Molly-Mae Hague Shares Regret Over Facial Treatment Claiming It Left Her With 'A Full Beard'

28 February 2022, 15:27

Molly-Mae reveals a failed facial treatment left her with a beard

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Molly-Mae Hague shared her concerns over seemingly being left with more hair on her face following a beauty treatment.

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Molly-Mae Hague, 22, told her followers in a new YouTube video she regrets undergoing dermaplaning, a treatment which exfoliates skin and removes facial hair, also known as ‘peach fuzz’, claiming it left her with ‘a full beard’.

The Love Island 2019 star said she regrets having the treatment while discussing her skin in a makeup tutorial.

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She said: “I’m not sure if you can see, I do have a little bit of a beard. I need to speak to you guys about my battle with dermaplaning and I just wish I never got dermaplaning, I basically have a full beard now.”

Molly-Mae Hague said she regrets undergoing dermaplaning
Molly-Mae Hague said she regrets undergoing dermaplaning. Picture: Molly-Mae Hague/Instagram
Molly-Mae gets open with her followers about her life
Molly-Mae gets open with her followers about her life. Picture: Molly-Mae Hague/YouTube

Beauty experts make it clear that there’s no scientific basis dermaplaning leads to your hair growing back thicker, as the blade only shaves the ends of the hair, not the follicles themselves.

Hairs may appear thicker because people forget what the hair was like before the treatment.

Molly-Mae went on to explain: “They basically remove your peach fuzz to make your face look so baby smooth and so soft.

“Basically with the dermaplaning, I got into the habit of having a dermaplaning facial and my peach fuzz just grows back at rapid levels now.

Molly-Mae is creative director of PLT
Molly-Mae is creative director of PLT. Picture: Molly-Mae Hague/Instagram

“It was meant to sort of prevent it from growing back and mean that it would grow back less - but with any hair removal, like when you shave your legs, it means you have to start shaving them more.

“It's just one of those things, when you start doing it you can't really stop.”

She summarised: “So yeah you could say I wish I never started the dermaplaning because I'm not the sort of person who keeps up regularly with my beauty treatments.”

Molly-Mae's fans assured her her 'peach fuzz' was unlikely to have grown back thicker
Molly-Mae's fans assured her her 'peach fuzz' was unlikely to have grown back thicker. Picture: Molly-Mae Hague/Instagram

Some of Molly-Mae’s followers pointed out she may simply be taking notice of the hair on her face more now if she hasn’t had the treatment in a while.

Another rightly commented every person is different and their skin will react differently to dermaplaning.

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