Millie Bobby Brown defended after saying she leaves reviews for bad service

20 March 2024, 12:43

Millie Bobby Brown vs. 'The Most Impossible Millie Bobby Brown Quiz'

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Here’s the thing, my whole life is people criticising me, so I’m going to give it back to you sometimes."

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Is Millie Bobby Brown a Karen? Surely not! According to her, though, she thinks she is...

Millie joined Jessie and Lennie Ware on the Table Manners podcast recently to discuss everything from raising farm animals, her dreams of being in a musical and everything in between. During the chat, the subject of leaving reviews came up.

Millie asked Jessie and Lennie if they ever leave negative reviews after getting bad service.

While they both said no, Millie confessed that she actually does. And she does it under a fake name too.

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Millie Bobby Brown jokes she&squot;s a "Karen" after saying she leaves negative reviews
Millie Bobby Brown jokes she's a "Karen" after saying she leaves negative reviews. Picture: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Glamour, Table Manners via Instagram

Explaining why she sometimes feels the need to leave feedback at restaurants or hotels she visits, Millie said: "Here’s the thing, my whole life is people criticising me, so I’m going to give it back to you sometimes."

"We were at a hotel and the woman was pulling my fiancé aside saying that we needed to settle the bill and I was like: 'We will at the end of our stay'."

She continued: "'You could settle it now', and I was like, 'Hmmm, I don’t want to’. So I left a review that said: 'I really think you should encourage guests to complete transactions at the end of their stay' - I think it’s important."

She then went on to tell a story about how she ended up leaving a review for a store after the employee was "so unhelpful".

When Jessie asks if Millie is a Karen, Millie responds, laughing: "I’m a Karen." She added: "I do think it’s important to know where you went wrong, and always room for improvement."

The reaction to Millie’s comments has been mixed. Some people have called her “entitled” but there’s plenty of people who agree with her and have defended her against the negative comments.

One user defended Millie against the connotations of the “Karen” label, saying: "It’s not Karen-y to review truly poor service. It’s Karen-y to act entitled to something you don’t actually deserve."

Another backed up her point, commenting: "I think she’s right! We can’t give constructive feedback anymore because the world wants to label people a Karen for valid opinions and constructive criticism."

A third simply wrote: "I completely agree with her."

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