Millie Bobby Brown sparks debate after saying it's "cringe" to take photos of your food

18 October 2023, 13:45

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

A video of Millie Bobby Brown criticising people who take photos of their food has gone viral.

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Millie Bobby Brown has sparked a huge online debate after saying you should not take photos of your food in a viral video.

Millie Bobby Brown is no stranger to breaking the internet. Over the course of her career to date, the 19-year-old actress has made headlines for everything from her opinion on how many people should die in Stranger Things (she thinks the Duffer Brothers are too soft) to whether or not the Earth is flat (she has since revealed that she is no longer a flat-earther).

Now, Millie has hilariously set the internet ablaze again and this time it all has to do with her controversial opinions on photos of food.

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Millie Bobby Brown says it&squot;s "cringe" to take photos of your food
Millie Bobby Brown says it's "cringe" to take photos of your food. Picture: Glamour, Alexandra Iakovleva via Getty Images

In a new interview with Glamour, Millie says: "Oh I do not take pictures of my meal. That is where I draw the line. My camera does not eat first. I think it's just ridiculous. Put your phone down! Eat your meal." She added: "I don't actually think I even have one picture of a meal ever. "

Millie then typed in 'food' on her phone camera roll to see what would come up and all that appeared was a screenshot of her searching 'penne alla vodka' in Google. Millie revealed she only had that photo because she was "trying to explain to someone" what it was.

Millie ended by saying: "But never have I ever taken a picture of my food or drink. Cringe."

The clip has since been viewed over three million times with many people agreeing and disagreeing in the comments.

One person commented: "She’s so real. I hate when my friends take pictures of our food like can we plz just eat." A fan then added: " mom takes pictures of ALL our meals and while we're hungry while waiting, she's there taking pics for at least 15-20min."

Disagreeing with her, one person said: "i love taking pictures of my meals :) as someone who used to have an ed, it makes me proud to see how far i’ve come, but i get why some might disagree."

Another wrote: "i love taking photos of my meals, i feel like it’s always a beautiful presentation and i like to capture that before i just eat it all."

Fans agreeing with Millie Bobby Brown
Fans agreeing with Millie Bobby Brown. Picture: TikTok
Fans disagreeing with Millie Bobby Brown
Fans disagreeing with Millie Bobby Brown. Picture: TikTok

What do you think? Is Millie right to call out people who take photos of their food?

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