Louise Thompson Opens Up On PTSD & Anxiety 2 Months After Giving Birth To Her First Baby

17 January 2022, 13:15

Louise Thompson is battling PTSD and anxiety after giving birth
Louise Thompson is battling PTSD and anxiety after giving birth. Picture: Louise Thompson/Instagram
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Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson said she is experiencing ‘thousands’ of anxious thoughts after going through complications during the birth of her baby boy, Leo.

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Louise Thompson and fiancé Ryan Libbey welcomed their first son in November, but after weeks of social media silence following his arrival the Made in Chelsea star revealed his birth had been a traumatic one.

The 31-year-old was put into intensive care while her newborn was put into NICU.

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She revealed five weeks after Leo’s birth she had been ‘very unwell’ after she came close to death during labour.

Louise Thompson was able to have Christmas at home with her baby boy
Louise Thompson was able to have Christmas at home with her baby boy. Picture: Louise Thompson/Instagram

At the weekend the social media influencer took to Instagram to give an update on her recovery journey, detailing some positives she was able to achieve during her battle with PTSD.

She wrote: “60,000 thoughts passing through my head each day. If I can try and get 30,001 of them to be non anxious thoughts then I am sort of winning. Honestly I’ve never known anxiety like it. It feels inexplicable. But it’s not, and I’m starting to make sense of it.”

Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey welcomed baby Leo in November
Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey welcomed baby Leo in November. Picture: Louise Thompson/Instagram

Louise went on: “Unfortunately this week hasn’t been as easy as last week, but like any ‘transformation’ i know it won’t be linear, instead my road to recovery will take the form of a jagged line… much like my fitness transformation all those years ago.

“Some positives: Because every day I write down some positives (yes I’ve been journaling like mad), but I think I still find talking helps me more.”

Amongst her positives, Louise listed ‘This week I managed to talk myself out of the ‘I’m going to die’ mentality a few times without medical help’ and ‘attending an appointment on my own.’

She also said: “My scar is finally looking healed up enough that I might even consider having a bath. Yikes ! Is that allowed?”

“I’ve stopped googling when I feel triggered (willpower 101),” Louise added.

She also included: “I’ve stopped measuring my temperature and blood pressure and heart rate and anything else that I can track.”

In a comment she added: "Oh I forgot to mention I’ve cried about 20 times this week which makes me feel so much better and I feel that every cry is a huge achievement because it means I’m not bottling anything up."

Louise was discharged from hospital five weeks after giving birth, telling her 1.4 million followers the traumatic ordeal has left her ‘in a strange place mentally and physically’.

The reality star has since written online about having depressive panic episodes, depersonalisation and hyper paranoia.

The new mum is continually flooded with support online beneath each of her candid posts, with fiancé Ryan calling her ‘a true warrior’.

If you have been affected by anything in this story please visit Mind.

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