Jeffree Star Teases Kanye West 'Relationship' Rumours With Cheeky Social Media Captions

7 January 2021, 11:07

Jeffree Star leans into Kanye West dating rumours on social media
Jeffree Star leans into Kanye West dating rumours on social media. Picture: Twitter @jeffreestar/ Getty Images

Jeffree Star is dropping Kanye West lyrics and Wyoming references onto social media playing into the rumours the pair have been 'dating' amid divorce rumours for KimYe- so just what is going on?

Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star has been dragged into the 'imminent' divorce drama of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as rumours of the star dating the rapper emerge and now, Jeffree is playing into the gossip with some cheeky social media captions.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Getting Divorced

For those confused by one of the more bizarre showbiz stories to have come from 2021, we're here to break it all down, from where these rumours all began, to whether there's any weight to them.

So, let's take a look at the gossip that has already spawned a million and one memes...

Jeffree Star posts Kanye West captions on social media

Never one to miss an opportunity to get involved in drama, Jeffree, 35, was quick to post to social media to cheekily further rumours of his and Kanye's romance.

Posting a glam selfie to social media, Jeffree captioned the snap "I'm ready for Sunday Service" in a not-so-subtle nod to Kanye's weekly gospel choir congregation, clearly enjoying the internet drama he's taken centre stage of.

In another, less obvious nod to the rumours, Jeffree posted a snap driving in a luxury car, writing:

"I love these beautiful #Wyoming winter nights."

Both Jeffree and Kanye have multimillion dollar ranches in Wyoming, which is partly where these rumours began.

Where did rumours about Jeffree Star and Kanye West dating start?

You have TikTok to thank for the Jeffree and Kanye dating rumours, when one viral user known for pulling stunts 'came clean' about the pair's love affair.

Ava Louise claimed in a video that has been watched millions of times that Kanye had been 'hooking up' with the YouTuber.

She said: "This whole divorce comes as no surprise."

"Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru. Male beauty guru. A lot of people in the scene have known for a while."

So... are Kanye West and Jeffree Star in a relationship?

Look, anything is possible, the past year has taught us that much.

However- we're seriously doubtful Kanye, whose divorce from Kim has not even been formally announced yet has been dating someone else and we're even more doubtful that person would be the overlord of drama, Jeffree.

We're firmly leaning toward no, especially since the whole story came from a single TikTok video and literally no other evidence whatsoever.

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