Jameela Jamil Puts An End To Piers Morgan Row ‘Out Of Respect For Caroline Flack’ After GMB Host Shares Messages From The Former Love Island Host

24 February 2020, 12:50

Jameela Jamil ended her row with Piers Morgan out of respect for Caroline Flack
Jameela Jamil ended her row with Piers Morgan out of respect for Caroline Flack. Picture: Getty

Jameela Jamil refused to continue her online spat with Piers Morgan ‘out of respect for Caroline Flack’.

TV presenter Jameela Jamil, 33, shut down Twitter discussions about messages sent by Caroline Flack to Piers Morgan, after the Good Morning Britain host aired the DMs Caroline sent him in October last year, about Jameela.

When it emerged last year Caroline would be fronting a show called The Surjury – which has since been pulled by Channel 4 – Jameela tweeted at the time claiming it was a “surreal concept” which could “prey on people’s insecurities,” to which Caroline responded: “At the heart of this show are people not contestants who have sought help to want to better themselves in their own eyes.”

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“Their stories deserve to be told and not ridiculed online,” former Love Island host Caroline added.

Jameela Jamil was a friend of Caroline Flack's
Jameela Jamil was a friend of Caroline Flack's. Picture: Getty

Around the same time, Caroline messaged GMB presenter Piers Morgan – a DM Piers screen-grabbed and shared on Twitter on Sunday to his 7.1 million followers.

Caroline’s messages sent to the TV star on 22 October read: “Please have pictures… I’m struggling with Jameela… the hate she aims at me.”

Piers tweeted a snapshot of the messages with the caption: “Jameela Jamil is having a lot to say about online harassment, so in the interests of balance, here is a message Caroline Flack sent me last October after the same Jameela Jamil led an online pile-on against her regarding a new TV show she was doing.”

Before shutting down the debate it caused on social media, Jameela said: “I simply said I found the show ‘surjury’ (not her) problematic for kids to watch. And that love island needed some more diversity. Both times Caroline instigated debate with ME even though I was not targeting or blaming her at all. I always just politely explained my point. [sic]”

Moments later, she said she would not be continuing the conversation out of respect for Caroline, who took her own life on 15 February.

Jameela added: “Out of respect for Caroline, I will not allow this conversation to carry on in which she can’t respond or speak for herself. She would be disgusted her personal messages were shared and weaponized against a woman, by a bullying parasite she thought was her friend. I’m out.”

Both of the TV stars have received backlash over the brief exchange, but Piers didn't directly respond to Jameela after she said she wouldn't be continuing the feud.

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