Alan Carr Looks Just Like Curtis Pritchard In 'Hot' #MeAt20 Throwback

20 April 2020, 14:06

Alan Carr resembles Curtis Pritchard in 'hot' throwback photo
Alan Carr resembles Curtis Pritchard in 'hot' throwback photo. Picture: Getty Images/Instagram: @chattyman

Alan Carr closely resembles Love Island's Curtis Pritchard in his 'hot' #MeAt20 throwback post.

Alan Carr has shocked his fans with a throwback photo that bares an uncanny resemble to a certain Love Island star.

The 43-year-old comedian was taking part in the #MeAt20 trend and shared an old image of himself at 20 years of age.

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The pic shows Alan stood at the top of a New York skyscraper, wearing an oversized sports jumper and clutching a drink.

But Alan's Instagram followers were quick to notice that the young Alan looks just like dancer Curtis Pritchard.

"Bit late to the party but here’s my #meat20. Where does the time go?!!!" Alan wrote, "I was like oh my god - there’s the twin towers and then I was look oh my god I’ve got a fringe!!"

One of the top comments on the post writes: "I thought this was Curtis from Love Island !! Twins !!"

Many other fans agreed that the young Alan looked just like the modern Curtis: "Dopple ganger for the dude that was on love island and is the brother of one of the strictly professionals.....cannot remember his name!"

"I thought it was Curtis Pritchard at first glance" and "Wow I actually had to take a double look @chattyman as I though this was @curtispritchard12" commented two other of Alan's followers.

Another had a completed different celebrity lookalike in mind, writing: "Thought that was joe mcelderry!"

The 'Me At 20' trend has seen loads of famous faces sharing adorable photos of their younger selves at 20-years-old.

Curtis is yet to join in with the trend though being just 24-years-old anyway, there's unlikely to be a huge difference for him.

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