WATCH: Cardi B Gets Painful Piercings On Her Chest And Lip – And Screams Throughout The Process

17 June 2020, 15:37 | Updated: 17 June 2020, 15:49

Cardi B has three new piercings
Cardi B has three new piercings. Picture: PA / Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B has new piercings on her chest and lip – and the process had fans squirming as much as she was.

Cardi B, 27, shared a number of videos on Instagram showing herself expanding her body piercings collection, with painful additions on her neck, chest and below her lip.

With rapper beau Offset holding her hand the whole way through, Cardi grimaced as the body art expert pierced her skin.

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After getting through the three chest piercings, Cardi had her lip pierced too, screaming through the pain.

Offset was there to hold Cardi B's hand as she got her piercings
Offset was there to hold Cardi B's hand as she got her piercings. Picture: Cardi B/Instagram

“This b***h hurt I forgot how it felt,” she wrote on Instagram.

However, as she proudly unveiled her final look, Cardi revealed the dollar sign, sun, and diamond studs pierced in a line down her chest.

Cardi explained she’ll be removing the piercing at the top of her chest as she’s had it for a long time.

But she now also has a diamond stud below her bottom lip, which she drew attention to with lashings of lip gloss, of course.

Cardi B had her chest and below her lip pierced
Cardi B had her chest and below her lip pierced. Picture: Cardi B/Instagram
Cardi B showed of her new piercings
Cardi B showed of her new piercings. Picture: Cardi B/Instagram

Offset supported Cardi through the painful ordeal, holding her hand and telling her: “Take that s**t like a G”

Fans couldn’t believe Cardi put herself through the toe-curling process in one session, with one person commenting on her lip piercing: “I wanted to get that piercing, I think I’ll pass now.”

“Girl it looked like it hurt,” added another.

However, many were in awe of Cardi’s bravery, with one adding: “You a boss!”

The piercings are all part of Cardi’s new look, after she dyed her newly cropped hair blue and coloured her eyebrows to match.

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