Boris Johnson Says Gyms Can Reopen In ‘A Couple Of Weeks’

3 July 2020, 11:37

Boris Johnson: Gyms should be able to reopen in a ‘couple of weeks’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said gyms will be able to reopen “in a couple of weeks.”

Boris Johnson said today (3 July) on LBC gyms “can reopen in a couple of weeks.”

Without confirming the exact date, the Prime Minister said they are looking to reopen gyms soon, when it is safe to do so.

Boris Johnson Warns Nation Not To 'Overdo It' Ahead Of Pubs Opening

He said to Nick Ferrari: “The best way forward for the country is to get the economy moving again.

“We are going to reopen gyms as soon as we can do it in a Covid-secure way and I think that the date for reopening gyms at the moment, if we can do it, is in just a couple of weeks’ time.”

Gyms are preparing to reopen in a covid-secure way
Gyms are preparing to reopen in a covid-secure way. Picture: Getty

It comes one day before the biggest lift on lockdown measures will take place on 4 July, when pubs and restaurants can reopen tomorrow.

Cinemas, galleries, hairdressers, and barbers have also been given the go-ahead to reopen.

However, Boris Johnson assured limits remain elsewhere in society, such as spas and weddings, for specific reasons.

He added: “We want to make progress. People know we need to stop the spread of the disease… you can find all sorts of inconsistencies [in these measures].

Local lockdowns will be in future coronavirus plans

“We are managing a pandemic and that pandemic is the result of human contact and it is transmitted people passing the virus one to the other.

“The only way to keep the lid on that pandemic is to take certain steps to restrict human contact.”

A number of gyms have made changes to prepare for reopening, including equipment being spaced out, hand sanitiser stations dotted throughout the gym, and regular cleaning schedules.

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