WATCH: Billie Eilish's Green & Black Hair Was A Wig & She Hid Her Blonde For Two Months

18 March 2021, 12:43 | Updated: 18 March 2021, 17:52

Billie Eilish reveals her trademark hair is actually a wig
Billie Eilish reveals her trademark hair is actually a wig. Picture: Getty Images/ TikTok @billieilish

Billie Eilish has debuted her bleach blonde look and revealed her trademark green and black hair was, for at least some of the time, a wig!

Billie Eilish has everyone shook debuting her bleach blonde hair and revealing her trademark green and black hairdo was in fact a wig for around two months and hardly anyone knew?!

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Billie, 19, posted a rare TikTok, filming herself singing before reaching for the front of her hair and lifting it up, much to the shock of every single person watching it!

Some very eagle-eyed fans suspected she was wearing a wig at the 2021 GRAMMY ceremony after she wore a series of hats and headpieces to curb speculation and it turns out they were absolutely correct.

The 'Bad Guy' singer posted the revelatory clip when debuting her bleach blonde hair on Instagram, breaking the record for fastest photo on Instagram to get to a million likes.

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Naturally, people are absolutely shook the singer managed to trick the whole world for ages and switch from dying her real hair green, to a whole wig!

Billie first showed off her neon green rooted hair to the world back in 2019, admitting it was initially a mistake from a hair stylist which first saw the birth of the iconic look she eventually kept for more than a year.

However, it appears the upkeep and constant dying became too much for the singer at some point, who cleverly switched to a wig.

There are some hilarious reactions from fans who were fooled by the singer, with some likening it to Hannah Montana taking off her wig to reveal her true identity.

Others are demanding the credit for working out the decoy wig, with one person writing: "NAH I LITERALLY TWEETED ON GRAMMY NIGHT “y’all am i crazy or is billie wearing a wig??” BUT NO ONE BELIEVED ME."

To those incredible fans who managed to work out it was a wig the whole time- we are seriously impressed and may we suggest you consider a job in detective work in the future?!

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