Coronavirus: Big Brother Germany Housemates Not Told About COVID-19 & Will Be Informed Live On TV

17 March 2020, 11:42 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 17:06

German Big Brother housemates have been kept in the dark about the coronavirus pandemic
German Big Brother housemates have been kept in the dark about the coronavirus pandemic. Picture: Sat.1.

Germany’s Big Brother contestants are set to be told about the coronavirus pandemic live on TV.

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Big Brother Germany’s housemates have so far been unaware of COVID-19 since the series began on February 6.

The contestants are set to be told live on TV on March 17, with their existing knowledge of the coronavirus outbreak being the first cases that were reported in Wuhan, China, in early February.

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The show’s producers made the decision to not tell the housemates about the pandemic during their isolation.

They had an exception that it would be lifted if a family member contracted the illness.

It is expected that the 14 men and women in the house will be informed about the number of cases in Germany and told that Chancellor Angela Merkel has closed clubs, bars, playgrounds, zoos and leisure facilities across the country.

They will also allegedly be told about how the outbreak has affected other countries.

The reality stars will also have the chance to ask any questions about COVID-19, as well as see video messages from relatives.

Four of the German contestants were late additions, entering the Big Brother house on March 6 - three days before Germany reported its first death from the outbreak.

The newer housemates were told not to discuss the coronavirus pandemic during their time on the show.

The contestants will be told live at 7pm (6pm UK time) on channel Sat.1.

Germany currently has close to 7,000 confirmed cases and 14 deaths.

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