How Much Did Beyoncé Get Paid For Her One-Hour Atlantis The Royal Concert in Dubai?

23 January 2023, 12:21 | Updated: 24 January 2023, 12:42

Beyoncé performs At Last in Dubai

By Savannah Roberts

Beyoncé gave a private performance at Dubai's Atlantis The Royal hotel opening, but how much did she get paid for the exclusive concert?

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The internet was set alight after videos of Beyoncé's first full concert in over four years did the rounds online, countless clips from her live show in Dubai have been going viral.

Beyoncé delivered a one-hour 'no phones allowed' performance during the launch event of the insanely decadent Atlantis the Royal hotel, leaving fans wondering just how much the musician was paid for the performance...

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The 41-year-old icon played a complete 19-song set and even welcomed her eldest daughter Blue Ivy onstage to duet 'Brown Skin Girl' live for the first time ever.

Beyonce has taken to the stage for her first headline concert since 2018

Beyoncé earned millions from her Atlantis The Royal set
Beyoncé earned millions from her Atlantis The Royal set. Picture: Getty

The exclusive guest list for the hotel's opening was brimming with celebrities, influencers and journalists who all got a front-row seat for the extravagant celebration. The likes of Kendall Jenner, Liam Payne, Rebel Wilson and many more were in attendance.

Ahead of the lavish event, the invitation teased an iconic artist by writing “a once-in-a-lifetime performance”, little did the star-studded audience know that it would be none other than Beyoncé Knowles.

Dubai's newest hotspot is already being referred to as 'the world's most luxurious hotel', with a suite coming in at around $285,000 (£230,000) a night – so how much did Queen Bey make from the private booking?

Beyoncé performed 19 songs to launch Dubai's most luxurious hotel
Beyoncé performed 19 songs to launch Dubai's most luxurious hotel. Picture: Getty

How much was Beyoncé paid to perform at Atlantis The Royal in Dubai?

Beyoncé would undeniably charge a costly fee for a private concert and the deluxe hotel is alleged to have paid in the tens of millions for the hour-set from the superstar.

Several price points are floating around the web, with estimates starting at £19 million and ranging close to £30 million!

TMZ reports that Bey was paid a whopping $24 million (£19 million) for the set, the performance rumoured to be a 'launching pad' for her upcoming yet unconfirmed 'Renaissance Tour' despite not including any tracks from the 2022 album.

Other publications asses that the private concert came in at a much higher cost, with the DailyMail reporting that the musician took home an eye-watering $35 million (£28 million) for the performance.

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