Ariana Grande's Fills Presidential Table With Mum Joan & Friends In 'Positions' Music Video

23 October 2020, 10:15

Ariana Grande fills presidential table with loved ones in 'Positions' music video
Ariana Grande fills presidential table with loved ones in 'Positions' music video. Picture: YouTube Ariana Grande VEVO

Ariana Grande is the president in the 'Positions' music video and her political advisors include her mum, Joan, friends and collaborators!

Ariana Grande's dropped the music video for 'Positions' officially kicking off her sixth album era, and, whilst playing the President in the music video, she's put some of her nearest and dearest around the table as her advisors.

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As fans of the singer know, Ariana loves to hide easter eggs and meaningful moments in her videos, so, dropping the flick just after the US presidential debate and packing it full of her talented loved ones had a pretty big impact!

So, who was sat around that presidential table?

Ariana's mum (and biggest cheerleader), Joan, took a seat at her daughter's table and so did her best pals and musical collaborators, Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx, becoming the politicians we desperately wish was our reality.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted the familiar faces who are engaged in what we can only assume to be a fierce debate about how Ariana, and her upcoming album, also called 'Positions', is coming to save 2020.

Many also pointed out the diversity around Ariana's imaginary oval office, also with a female president at the helm, and you cannot help but see the subtle shots fired toward the current political climate.

One fan wrote, "Seeing a table of diverse people sitting in the White House with a female president for the first time ever in an Ariana Grande video is surreal."

Another said: "Notice how it’s mainly women at the table in Ariana’s new music video #POSITIONS. This is a statement!"

The music video was shot by director, David Meyers, who also shot 'God Is A Woman' and 'No Tears Left To Cry' as well as an abundance of other artists' videos including Harry Styles's 'Adore You' and Normani's 'Motivation'.

We haven't had much time to prepare ourselves for Ariana's sixth album, but, if this title track and music video are anything to go by, we're in for yet another iconic record from the superstar!

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