Ariana Grande Teases New Music & Lyrics As Fans Hail 'New Era' Arrival

15 September 2020, 08:51

Ariana Grande teases new music snippet on Twitter
Ariana Grande teases new music snippet on Twitter. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana Grande's shared a short snippet of her singing in new music and teased lyrics on social media, letting fans know she will be dropping new music in the near future.

Ariana Grande has shared a snippet of new music as well as lyrics on social media getting everyone excited she'll shortly be dropping a track, or even a record, and the fandom is working extra hard to work out what it will be!

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Posting a clip of her sound engineering her vocals, something the 27-year-old is well versed in doing herself, she plays a short clip of her infamous trademark vocals layered over each other, captioned 'brb'.

Ari, who is always chatting away with her fans on Twitter, often says 'be right back' to them when working on her music but isn't quite ready to drop it yet- and her fans are always joking with her to hurry up!

Such is the '7 Rings' star's power, 'Ariana is coming' quickly trended on Twitter as fans gear up for her new music era, as they start to talk about what could soon become 'AG6', or, the singer's sixth album.

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However, Ariana decided one tease wasn't enough and treated everyone by posting what appears to be lyrics from an upcoming song, tweeting, "know my love infinite nothing that i won’t do".

Her long time friend and collaborator, Tommy Brown (tbhits) then posted a snap with the very same lyric tease, letting everyone know they've been working on music together, as they so often do.

Fans quickly noticed the singer has also deleted the 'Rain On Me' link in her Instagram bio, signalling there is new music to promote over her tune with Lady Gaga, which they finally got to perform at this year's socially distanced, virtual VMAs ceremony.

Oh, there's also been whispers she and Drake could be on a track together, after the lyric teasing posts gained attention from

The Canadian rapper recently name checked the singer in his song 'POPSTAR' and the music video even featured her manager, Scooter Braun, so, could they have struck up a closer working relationship?

We're sure any tune those two jumped on together would break the internet, but all we have at the moment is crumbs!

Eventually though, we will be fed- watch this space!

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