Trapped In The Web's 'Escape Fest' Is Here To Banish Your Festival Blues!

12 June 2020, 12:54 | Updated: 12 June 2020, 13:00

Trapped In The Web's 'Escape Fest' is here to replace your cancelled summer festivals
Trapped In The Web's 'Escape Fest' is here to replace your cancelled summer festivals. Picture: Instagram @trappedintheweb

With festival season here and the ongoing pandemic reminding us every day the bleak reality our summer plans are cancelled- we need to seek the fun we can have... enter Escape Fest! 

Trapped In The Web presents it's latest online, virtual escape room experience to get you your festival fix in place of that festival you can't attend this summer! 

Escape Fest is a festival themed, online escape room that you can play with your festival crew at a safe social distance, over a video call from the comfort of your own homes. 

Trapped In The Web: Fun Online Virtual Escape Rooms To Try During Lockdown

The storyline of this room is that you and your team wake up at Escape Fest, outside your locked tent with none of your belongings on you... a story far more familiar than we'd care to admit.

You can't remember the code to get you back into your tent and you and your team must explore the festival; gathering clues and solving puzzles to locate all your missing belongings and get you back into your tent. 

Priced at just £7.99, it's a fair bit cheaper than your standard festival ticket and is the perfect activity to do with your mates whilst you can't get out there and enjoy a festival this year (excuse us whilst we sob- we're still heartbroken about all of this summer's missed music!)

If you haven't yet heard of Trapped In The Web whilst we've been in locked down- where have you been?!

The whole concept is something its creator, Dave, built as an activity for his girlfriend to do with her friends and family in lockdown for her birthday- but since it's become publicly available, it's exploded in popularity. 

It's the perfect example to those quizzes we've all become just slightly sick of three months down the line, and Trapped in the Web is currently one of the most popular, online escape room experiences available right now.

They've processed over 15,000 orders for the first month that it's been live!

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