Accurate TikTok Impersonation Of 'Every Mum Ever' Goes Viral: 'Linda Belcher Is That You?'

25 October 2019, 16:24

A TikTok with a motherly voiceover has impressed fans
A TikTok with a motherly voiceover has impressed fans. Picture: TikTok

A new TikTok video has spiralled fans on social media to unite and claim all mums are 'the same'.

A TikTok video by a user named Zachariah - @zzzachariah - has gone viral after he recorded himself reading out a compilation of cheesy quotes on canvases, which every mum seems to have hung somewhere in their house.

Fans are so here for the uncanny motherly impressions and have compared them to Linda Belcher from the animated show, Bob’s Burgers.

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The video, captioned: "Every mom ever," was flooded with comments from an array of impressed people in agreement.

The novelty art pieces read: “As far as anyone else knows we are a nice normal family,” and “I just rescued some wine it was trapped in a bottle,” among others.

Zachariah (unintentionally) put on his best Linda Belcher voice and gave a top-notch impression while reading each quote, followed by his mum-like responses, including: “Oh my God my sister would love that,” and, “you got that right sister.”

The video was met with responses from embarrassed children as well as proud mothers embracing their inner Linda.

One user said: “I genuinely thought this was a mom,” while another said, “this makes me wanna shop for the house I don’t have.”

“My mom was looking over my shoulder when the first one came up and said ‘ooh I like that’,” added another.

Mothers came together on social media to praise the cringeworthy art, with one saying: “I literally did this with my daughters this weekend haha.”

“I buy things like this and never hang them up,” admitted another.

The original TikTok received just under half a million likes and triggered a whirlwind of Bob’s Burgers memes and gifs in the comments.

One comment which shocked fans even more, read: “Fun fact: the voice actor for Linda is a male.”

John Roberts, the voice behind Linda, even got involved in the craze after a fan tweeted the snap to him, captioning it: “Linda Belcher energy,” before the actor liked the tweet.

Someone even managed to spot similar quotes in Lana Del Rey's house, after the 'Don't Call Me Angel' singer shared a picture of her fireplace adorned with the word art.

The real judges have spoken!

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