Riverdale Series 5 Theories & Spoilers: Videotape Villain, 7 Year Time Jump & Josie McCoy's Return

17 September 2020, 15:21 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Lili Reinhart says she's "psyched" for Riverdale's Season 5 time jump

'Riverdale' series 5 has officially resumed filming and, as usual, there are some serious questions we need answering from the Netflix show. Warning, there are some spoilers ahead, so only read if you're up to date!

Riverdale has officially resumed filming for series 5 of the Netflix show, and they're already dropping cryptic hints about what drama is yet to come - and as series 4's finale was never actually meant to be a finale, there's bound to be some loose ends to tie up.

And as we get excited for the new season, we've started to take a look into the upcoming storylines, theories and spoilers.

The series will begin with three episodes that were supposed to finish off series 4, and fans think they have some surprises up their sleeve.

When Is Riverdale Season 5 Coming Out? Release Date & Seven Year Time Jump

Here are the Riverdale season 5 theories and spoilers we've heard about so far:

All the Riverdale series 5 theories as a seven year time jump approaches
All the Riverdale series 5 theories as a seven year time jump approaches. Picture: The_CW/ Riverdale

Who is the video tape villain?

There's been a creepy masked villain terrorising the group with increasingly gruesome videos, all imitating the characters that NGL, has actually been spooking us a bit.

Viewers right now have Jughead's FBI agent, half-brother Charles as their #1 prime suspect.

However, Jughead's little sister Jellybean, is also on people's radar after popping up whenever a tape was found only to be shooed off by an older character.

Not looking good for the Jughead fam, RN.

But, all of this could very much be simply another red herring from the notoriously misleading and twist-filled show.

We shall have to wait and see!

Riverdale series 5 is filming and here are all the fan theories
Riverdale series 5 is filming and here are all the fan theories. Picture: The CW/ Riverdale

How will Riverdale change after high school- 7 year time jump

Everyone's waiting with baited breathe to see how the show looks after the major seven year time jump right over the characters' college years and into adulthood, as confirmed by Lili Reinhart during a chat with Jimmy Fallon.

At first, fans speculated it would be around four or five years as the 'Core Four' all have plans to go to different colleges, but seven whole years is getting us a little anxious about how their friendships and the landscape of the town will have undoubtedly changed.

Will there be years of fresh drama we've skipped over and have to catch up with, or will that have all been left in their school years?

Josie McCoy may return to Riverdale

There's been talk the lead singer of Josie at the Pussycats could return to the show after appearing on the show's spinoff Katy Keene which was cancelled by The CW.

She is an enormously popular character and the insider rumours of her return have pleased viewers, though some even say she should be getting her very own spin off!

But hey, at least we know we're in for some serious entertainment with series 5, which can't come soon enough!

As for this person, we'd say they may have some underlying frustrations with the show, but you never know, maybe Jughead will burn the beanie, now he's going to be like, an adult?!

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