3 Quarantine Birthday Messages You Definitely Need To Send To Your Friends In Lockdown

21 April 2020, 16:56

Here are some different ways you can send birthday wishes to your friends
Here are some different ways you can send birthday wishes to your friends. Picture: TikTok/Thortful.com

A lot of people are having to spend their birthdays in isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic, so why not send some special personalised messages to your loved ones?

COVID-19 has seen a lot of birthdays being spent in quarantine, due to social distancing rules.

With plans being cancelled on the outside world, some people have been getting seriously creative with how they spend their birthdays.

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From turning the rooms in their houses into a club and hosting video-chat parties, people are really practising social distancing on a new level.

But what are the best ways to send messages to those celebrating their birthdays away from you? Here are three simple ideas you can follow.

Send over birthday memes

There’s nothing like a meme to spruce up a conversation and brighten your day!

We’ve rounded up seven hilarious memes for people spending their birthday in quarantine and they are sure to send some positive vibes to your loved ones.

Send a personalised card

Nothing says happy birthday like a swanky card, especially during these times.

Places like Moonpig.com and thortful.com have a special quarantine themed section where they do personalised ‘stay at home’ cards or slogans tailored to celebrating a birthday in isolation.

You don’t have to worry about leaving the house either because you can type your message up online and they’ll send the card straight to your friend!

Send a video message

These days, there’s not much that can’t be done digitally, including birthday messages.

Why don’t you get a couple of mates together and each record a clip wishing your friend a HBD and send it over to them? It’ll definitely cheer them up during these times!

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