Are One Direction Reuniting? All The Reasons Fans Are Convinced They're Getting Back Together

15 January 2020, 09:49 | Updated: 15 January 2020, 10:40

One Direction officially split in 2015
One Direction officially split in 2015. Picture: Getty Images

Are One Direction getting back together this year? 1D fans are more convinced then ever that Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson will reunite but why? Here's the evidence.

One Direction, as a band of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson officially split in 2015 but is it possible a 1D reunion could FINALLY be happening?

We don't want to get our hopes up too much but there's been a lot of evidence of late that suggest the boys, and probably not Zayn Malik unfortunately, will be getting back together for a much anticipated reunion.

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So, are One Direction getting back together? And will they reunite in 2020? Here's all the evidence and theories.

Will One Direction reunite in 2020?

Look, we're not saying it isn't happening in 2020, but the lads have some seriously hectic schedules lined up this year, including Harry Styles solo tour, and we're going to drive ourselves slightly loopy if we continue visiting their website and believing the message they'll 'be back soon'.

In the words of this one fan, let's not clown ourselves.

However, hope is not lost, there is a light at the end of the tunnel because tours end guys. Liam and eventually Louis' debut albums will have been released, and after the tours, who is to say what could happen next?!

Liam himself admitted at the end of 2019 on Sunday Brunch a reunion was 'at least two years away', which is the closest to a number we have had from any member of the band, acknowledging promotional and tour cycles will be taking their time up until then.

March 2019: Louis Tomlinson's Vanity Fair Italia Interview

Louis Tomlinson has always been an ardent support of the band getting back together and says it wouldn't be fair on the fans if they never reunited.

He told Vanity Fair Italia: "We haven't started talking about it yet, but the truth is that it would be wrong not to meet even one day, it would be wrong for fans too. The problem is to say when. We are all engaged in our careers."

"Of course I miss it so much. Like all of those who have been part of that period. We lived on a roller coaster and it was wonderful."

"We have traveled the world. We got on all the stages. I miss it and when I think back I feel only pride."

December 2018: Liam tell Capital they're still BFF's

Liam Payne told us at the 2018 Jingle Bell Ball that him and the boys are still super close despite not being in the band.

He revealed that him and Niall spent four hours on FaceTime to each other when they were deliriously jet lagged over the festive period which we honestly would have loved to watch.

2018: Niall Horan misses being in One Direction

Niall Horan, who is now working on his second album, has spoken about how much he misses being in the band and being around his BFFs all the time on the podcast George Ezra & Friends.

"We had enough time to get to know each other. Being in 'The X Factor' house we were living in the same room, all five of us, two bunk beds and a single bed and we were in there with each other for 10 weeks."

"It was like being at school but we just happened to go on national TV on Saturday nights. It was a bit strange. We got on really well. When you look left and right onstage you know that you're with your mates."


So when will One Direction reunite?

As we know, Zayn left 1D in 2015 and has only mentioned the band on rare occasions, the same goes for Harry Styles too, who has not mentioned the boys much since pursuing solo ventures, but is technically still a part of the band.

There's definitely hope for a reunion with plenty of the 1D boys up for one, but as for a date, it remains very much illusive. Watch this space.

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