All The Times One Direction Hang Out After The Band's Hiatus

26 February 2021, 13:37

The One Direction boys hanging out after the band makes everyone happy
The One Direction boys hanging out after the band makes everyone happy. Picture: Gogglebox Channel 4/ Niall Horan YouTube

One Direction may have gone their separate ways in 2016 but the boys have remained friends and have hung out on various occasions which always makes fans very happy.

One Direction, as we all know, have been on a 'hiatus' since 2016 and have all progressed on to have amazing solo careers, but when, you ask, do they ever hang out with each other?

Naturally, they're all very busy with their own lives, relationships and families, but their close knit bond is still evident when they manage to take a moment to catch up with one another.

From Harry and Niall reportedly hanging out in LA recently, to Louis and Liam being BFF'S who are always praising one another and hanging out, here are some of the best times the 1D boys have made us weep by doing what we secretly want them to do every day and hang out.

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Did Niall and Harry just low key hang out in LA?

The internet was truly abuzz when a pretty grainy snap surfaced of what appeared to be Niall and Harry going for a hike, as you do, in LA.

However, neither of their faces can be seen in the 2021 snap, so confirming their identity was impossible- but that hasn't stopped Directioners discussing the possibility of the duo meeting up to chat about old times and have a catch up!

Was it them?! Wasn't it them?! We must know!

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Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson hang out...a lot

Louis Tomlinson about avocados on Gogglebox | Stand Up To Cancer

Liam and Louis are probably the closest pair out of the band and often chat to us in interviews and to fans about their friendship.

They even starred on Celebrity Gogglebox together back in 2019 and seeing them sitting on the sofa chatting like two regular guys was incredible to see!

'Strip That Down' singer Liam admitted Louis has helped him during lockdown when he's been struggling

Liam Payne relies on Louis Tomlinson's friendship

Niall and Louis are good pals and see each other often at events!

Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson played football together for Soccer Aid 2016
Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson played football together for Soccer Aid 2016. Picture: Getty

Whether it's playing in a charity football match or booked for the same festival, Niall and Louis cross paths during their busy solo careers and are still incredibly good mates.

Both Niall and Louis were booked to play at 2019 Premios Telehit festival in Mexico, which Niall documented on his YouTube channel and shows the former bandmates side of stage before the 'No Judgement' singer's set looking as close as ever.

Niall Horan - Mexico Tour Diary

A whole mini One Direction reunion at the 2019 Coca-Cola Music Experience Festival in Spain

Pals Louis and Liam were both on the bill at a Spanish festival and supported each other both on stage and social media.

Liam said while on stage: "Louis is hiding out there as well, somewhere... and we both discussed that we forgot to wish Niall a happy birthday."

He then proceeded to sing his Irish mate happy birthday- a 1D fan's dream come true!

Zayn and Niall shake hands at 2016 awards

In a tale as old as time, Zayn quit 1D for good in 2015, leaving the other four boys to continue on without him.

Although the 'Better' singer hasn't remained close with his bandmates, they are still courteous and friendly when they see each other- like when Niall bumped into him at the 2016 American Music Awards!

The pair said hello and shook hands which made fans very happy to see that there was no bad blood.

So, all in all, the boys cross paths a lot and go out of their way to support one another- and if this is the best we can get instead of a reunion, we'll take it!

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