What Is The Meaning Behind Louis Tomlinson's '28' Tattoo? Liam Payne Talks About One Direction Star's Ink

16 December 2020, 10:35

Liam Payne has revealed the 'meaning' behind Louis Tomlinson's '28' tattoo but as conflicting stories emerge fans want to know the real message behind the ink...

Liam Payne has apparently revealed the meaning behind One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson's '28' tattoo whilst answering fans' questions on a TikTok live chat.

However fans aren't convinced the adorable meaning he suggested is accurate and are debating amongst themselves what the number truly represents.

Let's take a look at all the possibilities, from house numbers to a football shirt tribute and what the 'Kill My Mind' singer has to say about it all...

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Liam Payne reveals 'meaning' behind Louis Tomlinson's '28' tattoo
Liam Payne reveals 'meaning' behind Louis Tomlinson's '28' tattoo. Picture: Getty Images

What is the meaning behind Louis Tomlinson's '28' tattoo?

During a recent TikTok live, Liam, 27, was all-too-happy to answer all kinds of questions about the 1D boys including just what Louis' finger ink means.

Liam said: "I think it was his old house number where he used to live."

However, the 'Bedroom Floor' singer's claim hasn't come without drama, as nothing gets past the 1D and Louis fans who have heard the '28' means other things and have taken to Twitter to shut Liam's claim down.

Louis has previously said the tattoo harks back to the time he played for his childhood football team, Doncaster Rovers, in a charity match where he wore the No.28.

This has lead to confusion, with one fan writing:

"The amount of different stories we have heard for his tattoo."

The ink is certainly causing a lot of conversation, but perhaps the number has cropped up throughout his life and gained meaning in that way?

Louis, hun, please clear this up- the people need to know!

Where is Louis Tomlinson's '28' tattoo?

Louis Tomlinson has '28' tattooed across two fingers
Louis Tomlinson has '28' tattooed across two fingers. Picture: Twitter Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson got '28' inked across two of his fingers back in 2015 during a tattoo session with Erik Gillespie in Chicago.

During the session he got another tattoo, in a more NSFW area, so the number clearly has enormous meaning to him if he threw it in at the same time.

But what the true meaning is remains unclear...

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