From Ariana Grande To Camila Cabello: 10 Hit Songs You Didn't Know Were Turned Down By Other Singers

17 December 2019, 16:44 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

These artists have swapped tracks with each other
These artists have swapped tracks with each other. Picture: Getty

Here's a look at the hit songs that were originally meant to be sung by different artists - check out who COULD have been singing your favourite jam if they hadn't turned it down.

It's no surprise that songs are passed between artists in the music world, but it's hard to imagine your favourite artists' tracks being sung by someone else.

Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Rihanna and Justin Bieber have all swapped tunes over the years. Here's a round up on records that could've sounded entirely different if they hadn't.

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Ariana Grande's 'God Is A Woman' was meant for Camila Cabello
Ariana Grande's 'God Is A Woman' was meant for Camila Cabello. Picture: PA

Ariana Grande's 'God Is A Woman' was originally meant for Camila Cabello

Camila told SiriusXM that only the chorus was written when it came her way, but it ended up not being her vibe.

She said: “I think they had a chorus for the song and then I wrote verses to it. It didn’t end up sounding right for me.”

The song then found its way to Ari. She continued: “So then Ariana and everybody wrote to her version and it sounded amazing!”

The former Fifth Harmony singer's demo for the hit was previously leaked - and it sounds so different to the one we're used to hearing on the Sweetener tour!

Camila Cabello - God Is A Woman (DEMO)

Liam Payne and Rita Ora recorded the 50 Shades soundtrack
Liam Payne and Rita Ora recorded the 50 Shades soundtrack. Picture: PA/Instagram

Liam Payne & Rita Ora’s ‘For You’ was originally penned for Justin Bieber

The makers of Fifty Shades Freed originally wanted to get Biebs on the soundtrack for the latest instalment of the movie.

However, as he was taking some well-deserved time off from working, they managed to get good pals, Liam and Rita, to fill in instead and it ended up being a bop!

'Umbrella' was turned down twice before Rihanna picked it up
'Umbrella' was turned down twice before Rihanna picked it up. Picture: PA

Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ was sent to Britney Spears first then passed to Mary J. Blige

Arguably one of Riri's biggest hits, we cannot imagine a more iconic duo filling the part of Rihanna and Jay Z on the track.

The song was actually originally penned for Britney, but her team passed it on because she had already finished recording her album.

It was then turned down a second time, by Mary J. Blige and sent over to the Bajan singer who earned a well-deserved Grammy for it in 2008!

Leona Lewis nearly performed 'Halo'
Leona Lewis nearly performed 'Halo'. Picture: PA

Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’ was meant for Leona Lewis

It has been said that Leona was too busy to record the song, so Beyoncé snatched it up.

However the song-writer, Ryan Tedder, claimed the song was Queen Bey's all along, he just gave it to the X Factor winner to make her hurry up with the recording process.

His reasoning was, if Bey thought another star wanted the single, she'd want it more. We guess it worked!

The 'Formation' singer's version was very similar to the original penned by Ryan.

Ryan Tedder Halo ORIGINAL

'We Can't Stop' was nearly Rihanna's track
'We Can't Stop' was nearly Rihanna's track. Picture: Instagram

Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop' was turned down by Rihanna

Ri could have been the one dancing around with some oversized teddies if she had taken on 'We Can't Stop' as producer and song-writer, Mike Will originally wrote the song for her.

He explained: "When I originally worked on 'We Can't Stop,' we had did it for Rihanna. The idea was more towards Rihanna. [But] she heard 'Pour It Up' right away, and she didn't even hear 'We Can't Stop.'"

Miley definitely made it her own and we love the track!

'Alive' was turned down twice
'Alive' was turned down twice. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Sia’s ‘Alive’ was turned down by Adele and Rihanna

The hit was originally written with, and for, Adele, but she changed her mind last minute about recording it.

Sia ended up keeping the tune for herself, saying: "It's about [Adele's] life, so I now sing a song from [Adele's] perspective.

Riri was also offered the track for her 2016 album 'Anti', but it didn't make the cut.

'Pretty Hurts' was written by Beyonce and Sia
'Pretty Hurts' was written by Beyonce and Sia. Picture: PA

Beyoncé’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ was turned down by Rihanna and Katy Perry

Bey and Sia had teamed up to write 'Pretty Hurts' for Katy Perry, but when the 'Harleys in Hawaii' singer failed to record it, it was then offered to Rihanna.

Since the Fenty Beauty star didn't get round to the song either, Beyoncé laid down the vocals herself and absolutely killed it!

'We Found Love' was nearly recorded by Nicole Scherzinger
'We Found Love' was nearly recorded by Nicole Scherzinger. Picture: YouTube/Instagram

Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ was first given to Nicole Scherzinger

X Factor judge, Nicole, revealed she was sent the demo for the 2011 hit but couldn't do it because of her busy schedule.

She said: "I passed on 'We Found Love'. I got the demo of that song I was busy at the time. They'd sent me a few dance tracks and I wasn't able to get them and I was like, 'Oh, there's so much dance and I want to take a break from it'.

"That was my fault. I slept on it."

Riri smashed the song and gave us a beautiful music video to go along with it.

Lady Gaga originally penned 'Telephone' for Britney Spears
Lady Gaga originally penned 'Telephone' for Britney Spears. Picture: PA

Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ was written for Britney Spears

Lady Gaga started off her career as a song-writer, penning songs for The Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears.

She originally wrote 'Telephone' to included in Britney's Circus album, but it was left out of the running.

However, there have been leaked vocals as the pop-star already recorded it.

Britney Spears - Telephone (better version)

Chris Brown originally wrote 'Disturbia' for himself
Chris Brown originally wrote 'Disturbia' for himself. Picture: Instagram/PA

Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’ was meant for Chris Brown

The track was originally intended for the re-release of Chris Brown's Exclusive album, but her ex-bae handed it over to her, saying it would serve better as a female-oriented song.

Andre Merritt Ft Chris Brown - Disturbia (Demo For Rihanna)

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