Everything We Want From Ariana Grande's Upcoming Album From Orchestral Ballad To New Era Ponytail

15 October 2020, 14:12

What can we expect from Ariana Grande's sixth album
What can we expect from Ariana Grande's sixth album. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana Grande's sixth album countdown is on, and there's a whole lot that's happened in her life since her 2019 album, 'Thank u, next' so here's a couple of things we're hoping to get from the record.

Ariana Grande has gone and done what we all dreamed, hoped and wished for and announced she's dropping an album in literally a couple of days.

This is not a drill, AG6 is coming just as we hurtle towards our first winter in a pandemic, and we're trying to not be dramatic about it- but we think Ariana may have come to save the remainder of 2020.

Ariana Grande’s Album Announcement Has Fans Hailing October ‘The Best Month Of 2020’

Ariana Grande announces she's dropping her sixth album
Ariana Grande announces she's dropping her sixth album. Picture: Twitter @arianagrande

New era ponytail

With a great ponytail comes great responsibility, and Ari has been rocking an updated, shorter pony in recent times, so quite honestly, we should have seen a new album and era coming a mile off.

The sleek, shorter pony is being paired with her trademark side fringe sweep and it's so on trend we've even seen a host of other celebs rocking the same pony.

As this fan rightly is excited for, we don't yet have album artwork for the record, and everyone is waiting to see what look the 'breathin' star is going to serve us.

Hey, maybe she'll throw in a curveball and have her hair.... down?

Orchestral ballad track

Ariana Grande posts teaser of orchestra in studio for AG6
Ariana Grande posts teaser of orchestra in studio for AG6. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande

Being the tease we know and love, Ari posted an Instagram story from a recording studio with a live orchestra, leading fans to believe there could be a serious ballad on the way.

Having one of the most incredible voices on planet earth, we are absolutely ready for what will undoubtedly be another epic track to add to her discography.

Falling for boyfriend, Dalton

Ariana has certainly had an action-packed 2020, from releasing music, writing an album and moving into a new place in LA, the superstar also found love with luxury realtor, Dalton Gomez, who she has spent lockdown with.

The pair took their romance public when the video for her and Justin Bieber's 'Stuck Wit U' dropped and confirmed everyone's suspicions that Ari has a new man in her.

The pair are super loved up, but we barely know anything about their relationship, from how they met, fell in love and decided to take the plunge and live together for much of the year.

We need deets, and we're pretty sure she'll tell us everything she wants to know in the upcoming record, as she's never been one to hide her personal life from her music, (see 'Thank u, next' track, 'Pete Davidson).

*That* rumoured BTS collab

Has she collaborated with the boys?

If so, will it be on her upcoming album, or theirs? When was it recorded? What will it be about?

Will they ever perform 'it', whatever 'it' is, together?

There are seriously urgent questions that need to be answered regarding this, which all started when Ari posted a clip of her vocals in her infamous 'brb' tweet.

Shortly after, BTS's Jungkook uploaded an 8 minute video, with most of the audio muted, of him in the studio, with fans quickly matched up the audio from the two clips which left them with a sneaking suspicion it was from the same song.

Please, please let it be true.

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